Wednesday, November 30, 2011

14 days of appreciation: day 13

Day 13. Wow. It's been almost two weeks. This has become my favorite time of day! Reflecting on all that is positive and worth appreciating. 

Today I appreciate the kindness of others. On three separate occasions people I don't really know did something truly thoughtful for me simply  for the sake of helping another person. 

These moments are so precious because they are a reminder that we really must treat others as we'd want to be treated, but even further we must look at every interaction we have as a potential opportunity to give kindness with all we've got. This was a good lesson today and a reminder that I don't always practice this. I'm glad to be more aware. 

Thanks for all the kindness shared today!

BPositive and BKind!


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

14 days of appreciation: day 12

Strength by springknitter
Strength, a photo by springknitter on Flickr.

Sometimes when I'm running, I watch my shadow on the ground before my feet. It always looks so strong and tall, its perfect posture leading the way. It got me thinking today about where I find and draw my strength from.


I draw strength from my experiences. I was really overcome with appreciation of what has happened in my life over this past year. It allowed me to see what all the hardships as well as the incredible moments have given me.

All the blisters from my marathon training. The tears of happiness from my wedding. The meaningful conversations with friends. The frustrations and stress of helping A start his own business. The fear of never knowing what will happen next. The excitement of never knowing what will happen next...

Look where it all brought me. I am here. Present. Contemplative and appreciative. It feels clear to me that all my experiences have lead me to where I am, and as I posted last week I am very appreciative of being here, in this moment in my life.

Over the next year I will experience more joy, fear, excitement, love and loneliness. But each emotional experience as well as physical experience will keep me moving forward.

On day 12 I very much appreciate all of my experiences both good and bad.

BPositive and BProud of your Past! I has brought you here to your present :)

Love always,

Monday, November 28, 2011

14 days of appreciation: day 11

Fall by springknitter
Fall, a photo by springknitter on Flickr.

I often write about seasons and what they mean to me. Fall is my absolute favorite season. It's when everything begins. In September we go back to school, celebrate the Jewish new year, and the hot sticky air comes to a screeching halt. A and I even chose our wedding date based on this wonderful season and got married in the middle of the October foliage.

So here we are coming to the end of my favorite season. We've been stuffed with stuffing and the leaves crunch noisily on the ground.

No matter where you live, you can feel the season changing. I'm excited to be experiencing this shift in a new place on a new journey.

I appreciate the fall with all my heart. I'm thankful for all it has given me and all I have done during this time.

Let's enjoy the last few weeks of fall and embrace as the new season greets us!

BPositive and BFree!


Saturday, November 26, 2011

14 days of appreciation: day 9

I appreciate laughter. The way it makes me feel, the effect it has on my body and spirit and the way it's shared with others. Listening to my cousins laugh is just contagious. One starts, then the other and soon the whole room can't help but join in. Regardless of what initiates the laughter it's effects are the same. I'm really thankful for laughter and always finding positivity around me.

BPositive and BFree to Laugh!


Friday, November 25, 2011

14 days of appreciation: day 8

Shadows by springknitter
Shadows, a photo by springknitter on Flickr.

I spent the day in Austin with A, my cousin L and my great uncle L. Austin like all places has it's own flavor and style. Breakfast tacos, leather cowboy boots, and lone stars on every other house are just a few iconic symbols of the feel of this town. But isn't it the people that make it all happen? After kayaking down the towns river and having a lunch at The Whole Foods mothership (the original headquarters) I found that I continued to be completely entertained by people watching. The people of Austin give Austin it's flavor and that is true wherever we go.

Day 8. I appreciate people and their culture and style. People make each location unique. I feel very lucky to be able to be able to experience that.

BPositive and BAppreciative!


Thursday, November 24, 2011

14 days of Appreciation: day 7

Appreciation day 7 by springknitter
Appreciation day 7, a photo by springknitter on Flickr.

On a day to be thankful for family, friends and a great life, I am exactly that. Thankful. But I really appreciate little moments with family that feel present and memorable. Like my 2 year old cousin doing somersaults in my lap and an after dinner jam session in the living room. These moments don't just create memories they leave a lasting feeling of nostalgia. So on day 7, a day of thanks, I appreciate moments with family that I can never forget.

BPositive and Bin the moment! Happy Thanksgiving!


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

14 Days of appreciation: Day 6

Good morning Houston by springknitter
Good morning Houston, a photo by springknitter on Flickr.

I'm going on hour 38 without any real sleep. I have not been in my bed since 7 am Tuesday morning. But this has nothing to do with insomnia or stress. It's purely an adventure. From gardening in Pensacola, to dancing on Bourbon street, to driving all night and landing in Austin. As I stand in a Texas style saloon ready to hear one of my favorite singer song writers perform I am appreciative for adventure and always choosing to live rather than stay home and be dormant.

BPositive and BOn the Adventure!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

14 days of appreciation: day 5

I often reflect on my life and it's meaning. Are my actions purposeful? Am I planting the right seeds? Am I continuing to grow? 

Changes occur when we are most open to their sudden appearance. And changes feel exceptional when our hearts are ready for them. 

Today on day 5 I appreciate life's changes, big and small. 

Earlier this morning I was practicing one of my typical evaluations of self. I was on my way to the community garden where I volunteer once a week. Like all jobs, activities, and weekly obligations there comes a time when the excitement plateaus and our experiences become routine. 

Today, 7 weeks into my gardening hours I revisited why I started volunteering in the first place. I wanted to learn about sustainable living, teaching and reaching out to communities and ultimately starting my own community gardens where they are needed. So was I still working toward this goal?

2 hours later I had my answer. An opportunity arose to become more involved in the program as a whole, working out in the community and learning from an incredible mentor. 

There is no doubt that my re-evaluation this morning opened my heart to this change. This opportunity gives me some anxiety and fear and the commitment means making choices and sacrifices, but how can I not welcome this kind of change in my life? especially when I so specifically asked for it...

I asked and now I choose to receive and embrace a change. Nothing is certain and things will always change again but if I'm open to those changes stress need not be present. Changes are never bad, just different. And I'm thankful for all the changes in my life. 

Appreciate what you have and all the potential in front of you.  

Grow by springknitter
Grow, a photo by springknitter on Flickr.

BPositive and BFree to Change!

Love always,

Monday, November 21, 2011

14 days of appreciation: day 4

HeART by springknitter

Monday and my long weekend has come to a close. But my new week is just beginning. This morning I felt very reflective of the events of the weekend. The bridge painting was really emotional to watch. Each person was healing in some way through this artistic process and I got to witness it. It reminded me of why art has such a prominent place in my life. I have always felt that art is healing and continuously helping me grow. Even when I worked in behavioral health with children and teens, I encouraged art constantly to help them release anger, aggression and all levels of emotion.

While I was thinking about art and healing I remembered that my article was due to come out this month in The Minute Mag. The Minute Mag is a Louisiana based publication distributed all over Louisiana's major cities including Shreveport, New Orleans and Baton Rouge. The article is about how art is a marker for our growth as individuals. Yesterday I was able to see this in action and I'd like to share the article with you today.

So on Day 4 of 14 Days of Appreciations, I am appreciative of art and it's amazing healing powers. Lets keep creating! It's amazing how we can grow!

I hope you enjoy the article. I certainly enjoyed writing it.

Art Heals by springknitter

BPositive and BFree to Heal from Art!


Sunday, November 20, 2011

14 days of appreciation: day 3

A returned home from his business trip last night. I am always incredibly grateful to have him back. In his absence I always become more appreciative of his presence.

I was explaining my new blog project to A and how I always feel most present in my life when I am writing and reflecting. It occurred to me that I had not blogged in a little over two weeks, and therefore have not been very present in my daily activities. What resulted was an all consuming excitement about the current moment. The drive we were taking to get downtown, the people we were about to meet and the responses of encouragement within our conversation. I was overwhelmingly in love with everything around me. "Try and stop me from being present today," I thought.

So naturally, what I feel most appreciative of today is simply being here.  I am so happy just to be here, wherever I am and whomever I am with.  I appreciate this small town, it's incredible people and all it has to offer. I'm not sure there is any other place I'd rather be, because right now this is where I am.

To show you just one reason why I appreciate being here, I've selected some photos to tell a story of people who came together to be present, to be here, in honor of someone they love. They take place at the 17th avenue bridge, a bridge famous for being painted by local people on behalf of whatever is important in that moment. Hundreds of layers of paint over the years represent peoples' passions, moments where nothing else mattered but getting out their message. It changes day to day, week to week, and month to month. Though however fleeting, the process of leaving a meaningful mark satisfies the spirit of today. On this day I was fortunate enough to be exactly in this spot as it was being painted in honor of a boy loved by all. The 17th avenue bridge is the very picture of presence. I am grateful to have been there.

Blue spray by springknitter

Concrete art by springknitter

Three guys painting by springknitter

Blue hat blue wall by springknitter

Bridge crossing by springknitter

Painted pole by springknitter

I appreciate today for what it was, who I was with and where I was standing. I appreciate my life in any given moment because I know the here and now is right where I am meant to be. 

BPositive and BHere!

Here by springknitter

Love always,

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Appreciate day 2

Appreciate 2 by springknitter
Appreciate 2, a photo by springknitter on Flickr.

I woke up today to the patter of rain on my roof. In A's absence I had surrounded myself by pillows. Although its Saturday, the day would be focused on knitting projects for my customers. I love knitting and I love knitting for other people. It's what knitting is all about! Sharing, giving and putting love into your work.

It occurred to me today that although this is a day of "work" meaning I knit and people pay me, knitting never really feels like work. It's so satisfying to watch a hat grow before my eyes or gloves take the form of something I could wear on my hands. And I realized just how appreciative I am to have the opportunity to make things for other people with a skill that I have. I appreciate the art of knitting and that I am able to focus on learning new techniques and creating new beautiful things.

I think knitting will always have an importance in my life, one that will stay in my family and be treasured. I'm thankful to have learned such a special craft.

BPositive and BAppreciative of your special skills!


Friday, November 18, 2011


Appreciate by springknitter
Appreciate, a photo by springknitter on Flickr.

At the close of day one I wanted to share an image of a sign I made for this two week project. It will accompany some of my posts. I hope other had a moment or two to sit back and be appreciative of what's right in front of you.

BPositive and BFree!

14 days of appreciation: day 1

A left on his business trip at 5:30 this morning. Puffy eyed and sleep deprived I woke with him. We stumbled around, got his things together and off he went. But not before we reminded each other that every day is a chance to be happy. When he told me I should use te next two days to do something just for me, a lot of things initially event through my mind. Catch up on tv shows. Watch movies I like. Make my favorite foods. Knit. Clean... But here I was at 6:00 am and the morning as it always does was inviting me to enjoy it. It was cold and crisp outside and the world felt vibrant with life. Tea on the stove I bundled for my little jaunt down to the bay. My bay time is almost always productive in some way even if it's just for a good chuckle at the jumping fish and screeching birds. Today was no different. Every so often an idea spawns from my contemplative resting, thus I sit here writing to you all today.

If I am honest, lately I have behaved in ungrateful and unappreciative manners. Today for some reason it is painfully obvious how much I've allowed myself to miss. In order to bring myself back to the present, I am writing my first installment of '14 days of appreciation.' is there not one thing to appreciate everyday. By writing about what I experience I hope to restore what I love about life everyday. I deserve that and owe it to myself.

Day One of Fourteen: Appreciation of Natural Beauty

Sitting by the bay I listened intently to the splash of the water over the rocks. A seagull glided overhead, white belly aglow with orange sunrise. The morning moon, stark white in the sky reminded me that it's fall, my favorite time of year. All the sounds were clear and deliberate, telling me "this is what we do here" come visit us and listen. As I sat by my bay smiling I thought, "the morning is here and I have seen it."

Sun face by springknitter
Sun face, a photo by springknitter on Flickr.

BPositive and BFree with your Appreciation!

Love always,