Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Home for Passover

I realized after a few days of not writing that I'd actually be on bit of  hiatus for a week and a half. I am currently home in little Rhody soaking up time with wonderful family ad friends. It amazes me how every time I come home I am just more and more thankful for the people that I have in my life. The laughing, smiling, singing and celebrating has done my heart a world of a good. I wanted to share with you my thankfulness for my family and friends and just put some love and appreciation out there!

I will officially be back to writing, creating and sharing in about a week. Thanks for your patience! And to all my new followers, I am honored to be able to share my words with you. You can look forward to some fun and meaningful posts when I get back, as I am feeling quite inspired this week!

What are you appreciative for today?

Happy Passover and Happy Easter!

BPositive and BFree!


Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy Heart

The ocean. The forest. The mountains. The desert. The gorges. The river. The big city. The beach.

Is there a perfect place to be?

I quote my friend L:

"No matter where you go, you take yourself with you."

We were talking about this human need to go toward the places that will "bring us happiness," and flee the places that we consider to contributing toward "unhappiness."

But this is flawed thinking. If you are happy inside your heart, inside your skin, inside your very soul, the you can be happy anywhere.

I like to live this way. Ultimately, if I continue to keep peace and happiness inside my heart, then it won't matter if I'm running on the beach or through the city or in the mountains. I'll just be enjoying whatever happens to be around me, knowing that my happiness comes from within, and not from the climate or scenery.

I don't want to deny that certain settings and events give us joy. And aren't we lucky to have the ability to enjoy those moments the way that we do? Whenever my heart is fluttering uncontrollably with excitement, I just think about how fortunate I am to be capable of being so enthused! That is the beauty of our emotions.

But ultimately, we cannot live for those moments. We have to live for our own purpose, our own peace of mind, and our own heart's desires. When we work on what is inside of us we are able to feel the external things with more potency.

Maybe the beach is the perfect location for me. Or maybe a farm is where I want to spend my days. But it's not the building of walls around me that brings me happiness. It's about learning what makes me happy inside that truly allows me to be happy anywhere.

I'd love to know what it is in side your heart that makes you happy. Sharing our inner happiness promotes camaraderie, empowerment and a better understanding of who we are.

What's inside your heart today?

BPositive and BHappy in your Heart!


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Where's the Love?

I am fortunate, in my life, to have a lot of love. Love means many things. It can be the support of one another. It can be a listening ear or a shoulder to cry on. It can be sharing laughter with. It can be cooking together or teaching each other lessons in life or craft. The truth is, there is love in everything that we do. My husband A likes to tell me that when I make him a simple sandwich, it tastes better than one he would make for himself, because I put love into it. There is real validity behind that concept.

I want to look at the words love and positivity vs. the words hate and negativity. I believe that love and positivity are friends who walk hand in hand. They are different in content and association, but they work well as a team and are often found as a pair. On the opposite end of the spectrum, hate and negativity are also friends. Conniving friends... Not the kind of friends I want in my life, but friends nonetheless.
  • On a side note... our parents always told us, "hate is a strong don't hate broccoli, you just strongly dislike it." Well that may be very true and it truly is one of those parent influences that just holds strong in our very being, but for the purpose of this blog, I will use it because I think it deserves some respect.  And I'll explain that in just a bit...
Positivity vs. negativity... Love vs. hate... Is it that simple? It's easy to say that the former will always prevail based on the triumph we see from the hero's of the movies and literature of our time. But is it really true? And more importantly do we live our lives allowing positivity and love to always come out on top?

I find it interesting how something negative has the potential to immediately pull me out of a positive mood but when I'm feeling negative, it takes a lot more than just positive words to lift me up again.  

I've had to encounter some painful hate and negativity directed toward a friend this past week. I will write about L and his negativity not to slam who he is as a person but to showcase how easily negativity can turn us into hateful creatures.

L is someone who has so much love in his heart and so much care and compassion for other people. I think challenging times suddenly swallowed him whole and he was unable to see the bigger picture. Negativity and hate seeped into his life based on these struggles and it became the fuel of his behavior. It became more important to find the solutions to his struggles no matter how much negativity and hate was needed and less important to continue to care and love other people in spite of struggle. Up until today  as I looked at this scenario, all I could see was that negativity had won the battle... but I'm not so sure that's true anymore.

Today, as I write, I know that negativity did not and will never win the battle. Not as long as I choose to see the light in the dark tunnel. I look at L and think that he must be really suffering inside to lash out in a way that is so hateful and full of negativity.

L taught me this week that with his negativity and hate, I cannot be brought down. That I have control over my feelings. That I have the ability to take the situation and learn from it, write about it and grow from it. I learned that if I decide it is so, positivity can always trump negativity.

His negativity is actually an opportunity to learn, change and grow. And it is a fuel to my positivity! Take that!

I am also reminded this week of how powerful negativity and hate can be.  We must respect what a powerful thing that it is.

It's like the lions and tigers that my friend K works with. She is an employee of Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge in Arkansas where they rescue animals and build them habitats to help rehabilitate them. Although she has gained comfort around them and has great knowledge and experience with their behaviors, she has a very healthy respect for who they are and their wild animal instincts. Even though many of them are domesticated in ways, she knows that at any moment, the tamest of felines could turn into the wild animal is was innately born to be.

I think we need to respect negativity and hate with this same approach. It's a beast that we often tread too lightly around. We get carelessly close to its fangs and often risk being bitten and injected with its poison.

L gave me an opportunity to really dig into a subject that plagues all of us. And I choose to use that opportunity to be even more positive than I was before.

I leave you with a positive challenge...

Everyone needs a shield to bounce the negativity away. It could be a word, a sentence, a sign, a smile, a mantra, or something else you have in mind. This blog is my shield. It's a safe place where I can take negative things that happen around me and turn them into something productive and something that I can learn from.

I use my BPositive BFree knit sign as a reminder that I always have a choice to have positivity in my life and the strength and heart to ward off the negativity. It hangs on my wall where I can see it everyday.

I challenge you to make a shield of love and positivity to ward of the hate and negativity. And don't forget to use it!

BPositive and BPOSITIVE!!!!

Love always,

Monday, April 11, 2011


Man, after spending the last few posts digging into other blogs, I am just reminded again how lucky I am to have a blogging community. Blogs are a place where you can spread your wings and be free. You can talk openly and honestly about life and all the other matters on your mind. It's gotten me so excited to get writing again and put up some new original posts!

As many of you know, yesterday I completed my first marathon. I won't get into the nitty gritty details of how I felt (or how I feel right now as I write...ouch!) but the effects have really had a lasting impact on how I look at growth and accomplishments. After something so monumental, what can't I do?

Ironically enough, the magnitude of the marathon got me thinking about the importance of the daily non-marathons.

And as most things in my life are never a coincidence, I had made a very appropriate sign last week not even knowing I was going to write this post.  It actually surprised me that I hadn't created this particular word yet into art because it's a word that is so important to me. And I'm always referring to it!

Yes, I grew yesterday. I grew immensely. I pushed my limits to a point that I never had before. I tested my mental strength and willingness to endure incredible discomfort to achieve a very specific goal. 

But what I realized is, ultimately it's not the completion of the marathon that suddenly creates growth in a person. It's the small stuff everyday that gives us spurts of growth. It's reminding yourself that in the midst of something that seems impossible, there really is an answer out there.

My friend B is about to take her final exam that will determine whether or not she gets her masters degree. It's anxiety provoking for her, obviously and frustrating for me because the concept seems so flawed. I know it's meant to capture everything she's learned along the way, but I wish they could see in her what I see in her without that silly test! The exam may be her marathon, but it is not a true testament to all the growth she has had this year as a person, a friend, and an academic.

My husband A had spent the whole weekend with me helping me prepare and then celebrating with me afterward. He emphasized over and over again how proud he felt that I had just completed my first marathon. And he devoted his whole heart to my race when he has so much stress going on with his business. I laid in bed being so thankful for him. From the other room I could hear what was clearly a stressful phone call with a colleague. I closed my eyes and prayed for a minute that A would have the strength to continue to grow from what he is working on right now. And not just grow, because growth is happening daily, but truly feel his growth and allow himself to feel accomplished. Maybe that phone call wasn't a marathon, but I heard A in a way that made me appreciate how much he has changed and grown as a businessman and a supporter of our family. 

In reality it's the marathons that are easy. They are concrete goals. They are achievable. They are tangible. They leave us feeling strong, powerful, and accomplished. It's the non-marathons that deserve the everyday attention. It's getting through a meeting with clients that could change your business. It's writing your very first blog post and doing it just for you. It's taking a risk because you know ultimately the reward is important. It's doing things for others when it's not really that convenient for you. It's opening up your heart to a friend and finding closeness and relatabilty. It's always seeing that everyday has opportunities for growth, even when you're sitting alone on your couch. All of those things and much more are the ways that we grow everyday. 

There's a reason why people only do 1 or 2 marathons a year (if that!) because everyday can't be a marathon accomplishment. We have to find the treasures of our daily sweat, blood, and tears and feel proud of those moments of growth.

I know that you have grown this week. Even just today. But have you acknowledged it? Are you proud?

BPositive and BProud of your Growth Everyday!

Love always, 

Fellow Bloggers Part 2

I hope you guys liked the last batch of blogs that I have found via swap-bot. Swap-bot really is a sit worth checking out. It's a nice way to connect with people and find many with similar interests as your own. It has helped me get my blog out to more people and spread words of positivity! Ok onto the next 5 blogs.

Carrian keeps a blog called Unionvale Mom's Spot. I think down the line as she continues to write, create, review certain products, and share blogs with us that she enjoys she will be a great reference for mom stuff, crafty stuff and more! She's in the process of revamping her blog (so exciting!) and I look forward to seeing what she does! You can find her blog at

Selina writes this next blog called Urban Granola. I spent some time looking at pictures of her beautiful son who she affectionately refers to as "monster" on the blog. I also got to learn a little about her life and how she chooses to raise her son. I think one of my favorite things about blogs and getting a peek inside the window of who someone is and how they live their life. I always discuss how my blogs are truly inspired but others and all of our innate relatability, and I am believing it more and more as I read some new blogs. I'm glad to now be connected with Selina through blogger so that I can continue to watch her grow as a mother and a writer! You can check out her awesome blog at

Single Country Gal has a very colorful and vibrant upbeat blog! She does a lot of cool crafty giveaways and asks though provoking questions to keep you on your toes! Follow her blog at

I just very recently began following Nasreen's blog. She's a wonderful soul from South Africa and seems to be the kind of person who is always open to trying new things. I love reading about her experimentation in needlework and stitching! And hoe she discovered the fun of Artistic Trading Cards (ATC's) There is a whole world out there of wonderful crafts, writing and people. Nasreen is someone who is open to all those things and willing to share about her experiences on her blog. I'm glad she's part of the blogging community and look forward to reading more! Check her blog out at

Honeybun writes a blog called I heart things and things. And I heart honeybun!! She is so honest and true to herself and I believe that is what blogging is all about. Not to sensor your thoughts to cater to others but to write what's in your heart and on your mind knowing that some will love and it some will hate it but who cares! I feel like Honeybun is someone that I can learn from in continuing to be true to myself and not let what others think get in my way. Thanks for your honesty and creativity Honeybun. I admire you! Check out her blog at:

Well that's it for my swap-bot blog swap. I feel really honored to be able to be a part of so many cool blogs. We all learn from one another everyday. There's always a new friend to be made. Thanks for reading and check out these awesome blogs!!!

BPositive and BFree!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fellow Bloggers

I've been wanting to feature my fellow bloggers for some time now. So it seemed fortuitous when I found a swap to do on that had me reading the blogs of others and then writing about their blogs on my blog. Is that confusing? Well, description of this endeavor aside, the concept is simple. Everyday people inspire me. My blog would not even exist if it weren't for those around me. I thrive off the energy of others and let them be my muses. I am therefore quite honored and excited to write about fellow bloggers and send you to their blogs. In the world of blogging, we share. We share thoughts, ideas, stories, and creations. We inspire one another to try new things and we encourage each other to just keep writing. I am proud to be a part of this community. Won't you join us?

Here are 5 blogs that I have recently begun to follow via Swap-Bot. I will be featuring 5 more tomorrow! Happy reading!

I was browsing through Memtree's blog called "...Consciousness Collection..." Immediately her posts were striking to me because she has traveled to Japan since the Earthquake and Tsunami occurred. The photos of Japan really got me back into the mindset of keeping people in my prayers all the way through hard times. It amazes me how distractable I am. But as time goes by, we become further and further removed from tragedy, especially when it's not in our own backyard. Her posts reminded me that this tragedy is still real and thriving in the lives of so many and I'd like to take the time to send some prayers their way. When you read this, if you pray, please send a prayer to the people of Japan who continue to suffer during this difficult time. Thank you Memtree for your beautiful photography and reminder of what is happening on the other side of the world from the U.S. Check out Memtree's blog at:

If you're looking for a blog that's fun and varies it's content everyday then I think Wallflower is a fun blog to follow. Her blog entitled "Wallflower DIY" mixes up ways to bake, make art, play the ukulele (my favorite post so far!) and just be creative in general. As I said before I am constantly inspired by others and enjoy following blogs from people all over the world. You should follow her blog too!

The next one is fun because me and this awesome blogging goddess have become friends through our blogs and our Etsy shops! I love when that happens! Her stuff is so creative, unique and fun! I am constantly inspired by her creations. Please check out Angelina's blog and her Etsy shop!! The link will be on her blog at

Ok this next blogger cracks me up! I love her style and her vivacious honesty. I love that when I read her writing I can hear her southern accent but imagine her rebellious pink hair (not sure if it's still pink!) Her blog reminds me that we are all unique and come from so many different place. I love that even though I'm a Rhode Island girl I can read the happenings of a lovely wife, mother and artist from Alabama and feel a kinship. Jut more proof that sharing our lives with one another helps us feel connected, special and inspired. Read "Betwixxt" at:

Betwixxt is uber talented too! After checking out her blog go straight to her Etsy shop!

I always love tutorial blogs and this one has some really great DIY ideas. I especially love the wooden button tutorial. I am ready to saw some fallen branches to make some au natural buttons!! Her blog is at:

Looking forward to posting the next 5 tomorrow. Thanks for reading!

BPositive and BFree!


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Weekend Creative Inspiration

There's nothing like having a whole day where your times is all yours. A and I Spent a few hours sipping coffee in one of our favorite shops, Big Mama's and played a few hands of our favorite card game, Casino. We chatted and people watched while buzzing on our first cup of coffee in two weeks. There's something about the combination of cards and coffee that sends us on off on a creative tangent, contemplating the ways that we can express ourselves in various mediums.

Feeling positive and inspired we decided to hit some garage sales. I've been getting into recycled art, reusing items that clog our landfills and lets face it, will NEVER break down. My first attempt was to make an old scratched up Teflon frying pan into a piece of art.

I had such a blast working on this. From the moment I started i had absolutely no clue what it would turn out like.  I was pleasantly surprised! How crazy that the scarps of my craft stash could turn into something so funky and full of life.

I was also incredibly excited about the idea that I could be helping other people get rid of their junk and turn it into art at little or no expense! Fortunately, being such a crazy recycler, my craft stash is an explosion of old greetings cards, cereal box cardboard, bottle caps, bread bag ties, containers, lids, bottles, etc. And I see every piece as an opportunity to make something completely unique!

I wanted to share my garage sale finds with you today to get myself excited for my next projects. I only spent $2 and probably saved a few things from going right into a dumpster.

What will you do with the junk you have lying around? Don't be afraid to get a little crazy and make something fun for yourself. It doesn't have to be functional and it can be just for you! 

BPositive and BCreative with your Trash! Happy Saturday!