Monday, April 11, 2011

Fellow Bloggers Part 2

I hope you guys liked the last batch of blogs that I have found via swap-bot. Swap-bot really is a sit worth checking out. It's a nice way to connect with people and find many with similar interests as your own. It has helped me get my blog out to more people and spread words of positivity! Ok onto the next 5 blogs.

Carrian keeps a blog called Unionvale Mom's Spot. I think down the line as she continues to write, create, review certain products, and share blogs with us that she enjoys she will be a great reference for mom stuff, crafty stuff and more! She's in the process of revamping her blog (so exciting!) and I look forward to seeing what she does! You can find her blog at

Selina writes this next blog called Urban Granola. I spent some time looking at pictures of her beautiful son who she affectionately refers to as "monster" on the blog. I also got to learn a little about her life and how she chooses to raise her son. I think one of my favorite things about blogs and getting a peek inside the window of who someone is and how they live their life. I always discuss how my blogs are truly inspired but others and all of our innate relatability, and I am believing it more and more as I read some new blogs. I'm glad to now be connected with Selina through blogger so that I can continue to watch her grow as a mother and a writer! You can check out her awesome blog at

Single Country Gal has a very colorful and vibrant upbeat blog! She does a lot of cool crafty giveaways and asks though provoking questions to keep you on your toes! Follow her blog at

I just very recently began following Nasreen's blog. She's a wonderful soul from South Africa and seems to be the kind of person who is always open to trying new things. I love reading about her experimentation in needlework and stitching! And hoe she discovered the fun of Artistic Trading Cards (ATC's) There is a whole world out there of wonderful crafts, writing and people. Nasreen is someone who is open to all those things and willing to share about her experiences on her blog. I'm glad she's part of the blogging community and look forward to reading more! Check her blog out at

Honeybun writes a blog called I heart things and things. And I heart honeybun!! She is so honest and true to herself and I believe that is what blogging is all about. Not to sensor your thoughts to cater to others but to write what's in your heart and on your mind knowing that some will love and it some will hate it but who cares! I feel like Honeybun is someone that I can learn from in continuing to be true to myself and not let what others think get in my way. Thanks for your honesty and creativity Honeybun. I admire you! Check out her blog at:

Well that's it for my swap-bot blog swap. I feel really honored to be able to be a part of so many cool blogs. We all learn from one another everyday. There's always a new friend to be made. Thanks for reading and check out these awesome blogs!!!

BPositive and BFree!


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