Thursday, May 30, 2013

Listen... You might just be better for it

I have always enjoyed listening to my friends, family and even strangers. Hearing about life, experiences, woes and gratitude. 

Listening becomes more complicated when you add other factors. 

Opinions. Ego. Authority. Knowledge.

Sometimes we prefer to be right than to listen to the other side. I am the first to admit my struggle with this challenge.

I've been listening when it's easy and natural but not always when there's the biggest potential to grow. Differences in opinion don't always have to lead to arguments. If we listen, receive and really consider another point of view, we may be opening up a hidden path. 

I am thankful for all those bright and vibrant individuals who came together tonight to bravely share creativity. I am better for listening to their thoughts. I am stronger for quieting my own. 

BPositive, BFree, Listen and Grow!


Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Perfect Moments

I've been distracted these days. Books. Movies. Music. Exercise. Work. FOOD. (yup it's in capital letters for a reason and i have no shame!) These may just sound like every day life things which they are... But they keep my mind racing, my body constantly moving, the gears spinning and turning. 

Today I stopped. I remembered a book a friend had given me. I hadn't picked it up much in the past. I'm a firm believer that when the time is right to read a book it will present itself. So I didn't push it. But today felt like the right time. 

The first chapter said so perfectly...

...This is the perfect moment. 

And it was! I heard the fly stuck in the house buzzing around. Felt the cozy carpet under my bare feet. Stretched my legs and felt the painful pull of post run soreness. I tasted sweet mango in my smoothie and smiled at how much my senses had just come alive on command.

Such a small simple command.  

Sometimes we need a little reminder. A mantra. 

This is the perfect moment. 

And it really is. 

BPostive and BFree!