Thursday, June 14, 2012

Forever Exploring

I'm still growing.
Still learning.
I face challenges
I am greeted by opportunities
To understand the way it all works.
The evolution of marriage.
The inner gears of a work environment.

I'm still growing.
Always learning. 
How to be really honest and true to my promises.
How not to let money drive my actions.
How to love people even when I don't know what I can do to help.
How to be supportive even when impending change is scary and uncertain.
How to move with change and embrace it with loving, open arms.

I'm still growing.
How to embrace spirituality. 
How to trust the bigger plan and not get caught up in my own assumptions about life.
How to breathe peacefully when things don't always feel peaceful. 
How to rely on the love that comes from deep within, in my heart and my spirit. 
Knowing that other people can only play an additional role in my happiness. 

Sometimes I see how far I have come. 
It's far. 
Leaps and bounds.
Thousands of miles.
Sometimes I can only see how much I still have to learn. 
This makes me excited. 
And sometimes scared. 
Occasionally frustrated.
But mostly excited. 
It feels like real living. 
Like I am a true living, growing, morphing, blossoming person. 
Never still.
Never stuck. 
Sometimes scared...

But forever exploring. 

Bpositive and BForever Exploring 

Love always,

Thursday, June 7, 2012

This One's for Us

Outside my house the ruckus grew louder. Music. People. Laughter. We are a town of many parades and from my downtown home I get to be a part of them whether I want to or not. 

Tonight I was curious. It's Thursday. It's not quite summer (although school did just let out.) It's not mardi gras or gallery night or the greater gulf coast art festival. 

A and I stood on the corner of Palafox and Garden Street, the very intersection where his office building sits. In this building grows a business he built from nothing. In this building, exactly a year ago, a space opened up for rent.

As it turns out, today is the Fiesta Day Parade. To the average on looker, it appears to be a bunch of wild and crazy floats, playing lots of loud music and throwing beads at the on lookers. 

But to us it is a milestone. One year ago we moved to this town completely uncertain of what it would hold. 

It would take a year worth of blog posts to describe exactly how we became the people standing on the corner of Garden and Palafox on June, 7th 2012. Perhaps if I read backwards I will recall some of those specific phases of growth. But all I can see tonight is how far we have come, how much we have learned, and all the places we are going. Here lies the year marker of a very accomplished anniversary. 


Bpositive and BFree!