Thursday, June 7, 2012

This One's for Us

Outside my house the ruckus grew louder. Music. People. Laughter. We are a town of many parades and from my downtown home I get to be a part of them whether I want to or not. 

Tonight I was curious. It's Thursday. It's not quite summer (although school did just let out.) It's not mardi gras or gallery night or the greater gulf coast art festival. 

A and I stood on the corner of Palafox and Garden Street, the very intersection where his office building sits. In this building grows a business he built from nothing. In this building, exactly a year ago, a space opened up for rent.

As it turns out, today is the Fiesta Day Parade. To the average on looker, it appears to be a bunch of wild and crazy floats, playing lots of loud music and throwing beads at the on lookers. 

But to us it is a milestone. One year ago we moved to this town completely uncertain of what it would hold. 

It would take a year worth of blog posts to describe exactly how we became the people standing on the corner of Garden and Palafox on June, 7th 2012. Perhaps if I read backwards I will recall some of those specific phases of growth. But all I can see tonight is how far we have come, how much we have learned, and all the places we are going. Here lies the year marker of a very accomplished anniversary. 


Bpositive and BFree!


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  1. Happy Anniversary! You have both made your mark in Pensecola ! Miss you and am so proud of you!