How Can You BPositive?

I see positivity around me everywhere I go. It's inspiring and exciting to know that we can be there for one another. Here are same ways you can contribute to BPositive's mission:

1. Recycle and Receive: The positive message art is made from recycled yarn, ribbon, buttons, and other fun, fabulous left over bits!  If you wish to recycle your crafty stash please contact me at: and I will gladly accept any items you wish to recycle. In return you will receive a yarn art positive message as a gift from me to you!

2. Share your Story: If you are familiar with the blog, almost every entry is inspired by the amazing people around me. This blog would not be what it is without the people in my life. I want to hear your story because this blog is not about me, it's about everyone. E-mail me at and share your story with me. I'd be proud to feature your story on the blog. Maybe your words could really be helping someone.

3. Check out my Etsy shop: In the BPositive BFree Shop you can find a display of past positive message art. Choose from an existing design or design your own! I love sharing positive messages with people. Gift it to a friend who could use some support or encouragement, get it for yourself if the words or images resonate with you, or use it as inspiration to make your own art! I am happy to custom create a special message just for you with the colors of your choice.