Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Make it Your Solution

My good friend S and I garden together, dream together, and inspire one another to activate all the creativity we possess. We encourage each other to use our abilities to get things done. S will often text me profound thoughts to contemplate in the hours we are not working toward making changes in the community. I appreciate her words when they come because they remind me that we are always accountable. Even when we are resting, we are responsible for not throwing our dreams to the wayside. In our restful states, sometimes we can get the most accomplished.

S shed some light on one of my recent projects. After seeing my signs "Stuff Breaks, Make Art" in my kitchen she wrote:

"Take a problem and make it your solution. That's what stuff breaks make art means to me."

I was really happy to hear this insight. I realized that through a lot of chaos around me I am constantly having to take what is a problem and make it a solution. But what I really loved about her statement, is that she said to make it my solution. Not just any solution, by mine.

We are all responsible to do our part. If everyone takes accountability for the things they are able to solve we would not be overloaded! We would be chipping away at the problems little by little as a team.

Lets take some broken stuff today and make it into art. Lets take some problems and make them our solutions.

BPositive and BPart of the Solution!



  1. Love your post, love them all the time, just wanted to say it out loud. I also love that you use the fabric I sent you, I will need to send you more:)

    I kinda hope I break something today...

  2. Great, timely reminder, B! Love your positive outlook and eye for wonder!

  3. Aaaahhh...the blessings of brokenness.

    Love you Becca! You always inspire me.