Monday, April 16, 2012

Sharing the Positivity

I saw an idea for a birthday gift on Pinterest. It was a jar full of 30 lollipops with a colorfully decorated tag that stated "30 sucks!"

Now, I get where this idea came from. We often talk about touchy subjects like getting old with jokes and sarcasm. It's fairly harmless and gives us a chance to laugh at empathize with one another.

But it seems we use negative language a lot when poking fun at ours selves and one another. And soon it becomes habit. I find that when I'm using a lot of sarcasm, I'm not such a happy person overall. My husband A likes to describe sarcasm as anger slowly leaking out of a tiny hole. I try and remember these wise words when I'm feeling witty.

You may think I'm crazy but when I saw 30 sucks on pinterest it made me sad.

When I hear people warn the betrothed about the woh's of marriage and the soon to be parents about the awful sleepless nights of having a newborn, it makes me frustrated!

Why do we do this to each other?

My brother-in-law, who I love very much just turned 40. And to celebrate, A an I created our own positive version of "30 sucks!"

Take a look....

To the celebration of the positive things in life! Like turning 40!

BPositive a BPositive with one another!


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  1. What an awesome blog post! Thanks for sharing more of your positivity with us B :)