Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Going Rogue

Sometimes there is no stopping it.


They flow when they want to flow at full force!

Do we embrace them or push them away? Sometimes I think we stifle the ideas and we oppress the passion, simply to fit ourselves into the box in which we live and work. We do this to please the people around us and to avoid chaos in an otherwise orderly life.

I have come up with a system to allow myself to "go rogue" even when I know I need to tame my wild ways for the purpose of my responsibilities in my service and in the community.

This may seem obvious but this is what I do:

1. I write it down. No matter where I am, who I am with, or what I have access to I somehow get the thoughts down onto something concrete. Sometimes it's typed into my phone or in a notebook or in my journal. I let myself do this freely without holding back. I don't worry about the ideas being stupid or embarrassing. I don't even worry if they will ever be carried into fruition.  I just let it all out before it slips away!

2. I get excited!!! I LOVE new ideas. I love being in that place where I feel like I can accomplish anything! I embrace that feeling and I brainstorm and write out my thoughts like a maniac to savor every last idea!
3. I find people that appreciate the "out of left field" ideas and sometimes after writing things down I discuss with other passionate people who won't judge my ideas, but embrace them and help them grow.

4. I trust that the time will come that any and all of my creative passions will be actualized. If now is not the time, I embrace that and find excitement in knowing that this path will bring me to the right time. In other words I stay confident in my abilities and remember that I am exactly where I am meant to be.

As a member of a team, I must be on top of certain tasks. I must respect the boundaries of the program. I must be exactly what they need me to be. I am honored to be that person.

I also must know that outside of those boundaries, alternative and progressive concepts will ensue. And even though it's not time to break through the walls, I can actively pursue anything I want even while I'm serving more conservatively.

I don't write this post in a "damn the man!" sort of way. I appreciate order. I respect those that have created the spaces in which I work. I learn every day from the people I spend time with. Sometimes we must work in the boundaries for good reasons. But if you think a little "out there" like I do, don't be afraid to continue to let that be who you are. Let it out to play sometimes!
Hopefully my "going rogue" tips can help you express all the light you have inside. I have a good feeling it will open doors that you never knew existed.

BPositive and BRogue Sometimes!


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