Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fellow Bloggers

I've been wanting to feature my fellow bloggers for some time now. So it seemed fortuitous when I found a swap to do on that had me reading the blogs of others and then writing about their blogs on my blog. Is that confusing? Well, description of this endeavor aside, the concept is simple. Everyday people inspire me. My blog would not even exist if it weren't for those around me. I thrive off the energy of others and let them be my muses. I am therefore quite honored and excited to write about fellow bloggers and send you to their blogs. In the world of blogging, we share. We share thoughts, ideas, stories, and creations. We inspire one another to try new things and we encourage each other to just keep writing. I am proud to be a part of this community. Won't you join us?

Here are 5 blogs that I have recently begun to follow via Swap-Bot. I will be featuring 5 more tomorrow! Happy reading!

I was browsing through Memtree's blog called "...Consciousness Collection..." Immediately her posts were striking to me because she has traveled to Japan since the Earthquake and Tsunami occurred. The photos of Japan really got me back into the mindset of keeping people in my prayers all the way through hard times. It amazes me how distractable I am. But as time goes by, we become further and further removed from tragedy, especially when it's not in our own backyard. Her posts reminded me that this tragedy is still real and thriving in the lives of so many and I'd like to take the time to send some prayers their way. When you read this, if you pray, please send a prayer to the people of Japan who continue to suffer during this difficult time. Thank you Memtree for your beautiful photography and reminder of what is happening on the other side of the world from the U.S. Check out Memtree's blog at:

If you're looking for a blog that's fun and varies it's content everyday then I think Wallflower is a fun blog to follow. Her blog entitled "Wallflower DIY" mixes up ways to bake, make art, play the ukulele (my favorite post so far!) and just be creative in general. As I said before I am constantly inspired by others and enjoy following blogs from people all over the world. You should follow her blog too!

The next one is fun because me and this awesome blogging goddess have become friends through our blogs and our Etsy shops! I love when that happens! Her stuff is so creative, unique and fun! I am constantly inspired by her creations. Please check out Angelina's blog and her Etsy shop!! The link will be on her blog at

Ok this next blogger cracks me up! I love her style and her vivacious honesty. I love that when I read her writing I can hear her southern accent but imagine her rebellious pink hair (not sure if it's still pink!) Her blog reminds me that we are all unique and come from so many different place. I love that even though I'm a Rhode Island girl I can read the happenings of a lovely wife, mother and artist from Alabama and feel a kinship. Jut more proof that sharing our lives with one another helps us feel connected, special and inspired. Read "Betwixxt" at:

Betwixxt is uber talented too! After checking out her blog go straight to her Etsy shop!

I always love tutorial blogs and this one has some really great DIY ideas. I especially love the wooden button tutorial. I am ready to saw some fallen branches to make some au natural buttons!! Her blog is at:

Looking forward to posting the next 5 tomorrow. Thanks for reading!

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  1. thank you so much for mentioning me... and for the kind words... I still stay firm that I think you are one of the kindest people I've come across in years and years and years......
    <3 lots of hugs!!!!