Saturday, April 2, 2011

Weekend Creative Inspiration

There's nothing like having a whole day where your times is all yours. A and I Spent a few hours sipping coffee in one of our favorite shops, Big Mama's and played a few hands of our favorite card game, Casino. We chatted and people watched while buzzing on our first cup of coffee in two weeks. There's something about the combination of cards and coffee that sends us on off on a creative tangent, contemplating the ways that we can express ourselves in various mediums.

Feeling positive and inspired we decided to hit some garage sales. I've been getting into recycled art, reusing items that clog our landfills and lets face it, will NEVER break down. My first attempt was to make an old scratched up Teflon frying pan into a piece of art.

I had such a blast working on this. From the moment I started i had absolutely no clue what it would turn out like.  I was pleasantly surprised! How crazy that the scarps of my craft stash could turn into something so funky and full of life.

I was also incredibly excited about the idea that I could be helping other people get rid of their junk and turn it into art at little or no expense! Fortunately, being such a crazy recycler, my craft stash is an explosion of old greetings cards, cereal box cardboard, bottle caps, bread bag ties, containers, lids, bottles, etc. And I see every piece as an opportunity to make something completely unique!

I wanted to share my garage sale finds with you today to get myself excited for my next projects. I only spent $2 and probably saved a few things from going right into a dumpster.

What will you do with the junk you have lying around? Don't be afraid to get a little crazy and make something fun for yourself. It doesn't have to be functional and it can be just for you! 

BPositive and BCreative with your Trash! Happy Saturday!



  1. oh my goodness... I absolutely love what you did with the frying pan!!!!! you are such a talented person. <3 and I still love your blog!!!!!

    cinderella730 from swap-bot
    blog is

  2. wow! what amazing recycled art! now following your blog and blogging about your blog.
    memtree from swap-bot

  3. I especially like this post about recycled art because I'm doing a recycled art project where I'm making something everyday for a year. Maybe you'll want to check it out?