Monday, April 11, 2011


Man, after spending the last few posts digging into other blogs, I am just reminded again how lucky I am to have a blogging community. Blogs are a place where you can spread your wings and be free. You can talk openly and honestly about life and all the other matters on your mind. It's gotten me so excited to get writing again and put up some new original posts!

As many of you know, yesterday I completed my first marathon. I won't get into the nitty gritty details of how I felt (or how I feel right now as I write...ouch!) but the effects have really had a lasting impact on how I look at growth and accomplishments. After something so monumental, what can't I do?

Ironically enough, the magnitude of the marathon got me thinking about the importance of the daily non-marathons.

And as most things in my life are never a coincidence, I had made a very appropriate sign last week not even knowing I was going to write this post.  It actually surprised me that I hadn't created this particular word yet into art because it's a word that is so important to me. And I'm always referring to it!

Yes, I grew yesterday. I grew immensely. I pushed my limits to a point that I never had before. I tested my mental strength and willingness to endure incredible discomfort to achieve a very specific goal. 

But what I realized is, ultimately it's not the completion of the marathon that suddenly creates growth in a person. It's the small stuff everyday that gives us spurts of growth. It's reminding yourself that in the midst of something that seems impossible, there really is an answer out there.

My friend B is about to take her final exam that will determine whether or not she gets her masters degree. It's anxiety provoking for her, obviously and frustrating for me because the concept seems so flawed. I know it's meant to capture everything she's learned along the way, but I wish they could see in her what I see in her without that silly test! The exam may be her marathon, but it is not a true testament to all the growth she has had this year as a person, a friend, and an academic.

My husband A had spent the whole weekend with me helping me prepare and then celebrating with me afterward. He emphasized over and over again how proud he felt that I had just completed my first marathon. And he devoted his whole heart to my race when he has so much stress going on with his business. I laid in bed being so thankful for him. From the other room I could hear what was clearly a stressful phone call with a colleague. I closed my eyes and prayed for a minute that A would have the strength to continue to grow from what he is working on right now. And not just grow, because growth is happening daily, but truly feel his growth and allow himself to feel accomplished. Maybe that phone call wasn't a marathon, but I heard A in a way that made me appreciate how much he has changed and grown as a businessman and a supporter of our family. 

In reality it's the marathons that are easy. They are concrete goals. They are achievable. They are tangible. They leave us feeling strong, powerful, and accomplished. It's the non-marathons that deserve the everyday attention. It's getting through a meeting with clients that could change your business. It's writing your very first blog post and doing it just for you. It's taking a risk because you know ultimately the reward is important. It's doing things for others when it's not really that convenient for you. It's opening up your heart to a friend and finding closeness and relatabilty. It's always seeing that everyday has opportunities for growth, even when you're sitting alone on your couch. All of those things and much more are the ways that we grow everyday. 

There's a reason why people only do 1 or 2 marathons a year (if that!) because everyday can't be a marathon accomplishment. We have to find the treasures of our daily sweat, blood, and tears and feel proud of those moments of growth.

I know that you have grown this week. Even just today. But have you acknowledged it? Are you proud?

BPositive and BProud of your Growth Everyday!

Love always, 


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