Tuesday, November 22, 2011

14 days of appreciation: day 5

I often reflect on my life and it's meaning. Are my actions purposeful? Am I planting the right seeds? Am I continuing to grow? 

Changes occur when we are most open to their sudden appearance. And changes feel exceptional when our hearts are ready for them. 

Today on day 5 I appreciate life's changes, big and small. 

Earlier this morning I was practicing one of my typical evaluations of self. I was on my way to the community garden where I volunteer once a week. Like all jobs, activities, and weekly obligations there comes a time when the excitement plateaus and our experiences become routine. 

Today, 7 weeks into my gardening hours I revisited why I started volunteering in the first place. I wanted to learn about sustainable living, teaching and reaching out to communities and ultimately starting my own community gardens where they are needed. So was I still working toward this goal?

2 hours later I had my answer. An opportunity arose to become more involved in the program as a whole, working out in the community and learning from an incredible mentor. 

There is no doubt that my re-evaluation this morning opened my heart to this change. This opportunity gives me some anxiety and fear and the commitment means making choices and sacrifices, but how can I not welcome this kind of change in my life? especially when I so specifically asked for it...

I asked and now I choose to receive and embrace a change. Nothing is certain and things will always change again but if I'm open to those changes stress need not be present. Changes are never bad, just different. And I'm thankful for all the changes in my life. 

Appreciate what you have and all the potential in front of you.  

Grow by springknitter
Grow, a photo by springknitter on Flickr.

BPositive and BFree to Change!

Love always,

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