Sunday, November 20, 2011

14 days of appreciation: day 3

A returned home from his business trip last night. I am always incredibly grateful to have him back. In his absence I always become more appreciative of his presence.

I was explaining my new blog project to A and how I always feel most present in my life when I am writing and reflecting. It occurred to me that I had not blogged in a little over two weeks, and therefore have not been very present in my daily activities. What resulted was an all consuming excitement about the current moment. The drive we were taking to get downtown, the people we were about to meet and the responses of encouragement within our conversation. I was overwhelmingly in love with everything around me. "Try and stop me from being present today," I thought.

So naturally, what I feel most appreciative of today is simply being here.  I am so happy just to be here, wherever I am and whomever I am with.  I appreciate this small town, it's incredible people and all it has to offer. I'm not sure there is any other place I'd rather be, because right now this is where I am.

To show you just one reason why I appreciate being here, I've selected some photos to tell a story of people who came together to be present, to be here, in honor of someone they love. They take place at the 17th avenue bridge, a bridge famous for being painted by local people on behalf of whatever is important in that moment. Hundreds of layers of paint over the years represent peoples' passions, moments where nothing else mattered but getting out their message. It changes day to day, week to week, and month to month. Though however fleeting, the process of leaving a meaningful mark satisfies the spirit of today. On this day I was fortunate enough to be exactly in this spot as it was being painted in honor of a boy loved by all. The 17th avenue bridge is the very picture of presence. I am grateful to have been there.

Blue spray by springknitter

Concrete art by springknitter

Three guys painting by springknitter

Blue hat blue wall by springknitter

Bridge crossing by springknitter

Painted pole by springknitter

I appreciate today for what it was, who I was with and where I was standing. I appreciate my life in any given moment because I know the here and now is right where I am meant to be. 

BPositive and BHere!

Here by springknitter

Love always,

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