Tuesday, November 29, 2011

14 days of appreciation: day 12

Strength by springknitter
Strength, a photo by springknitter on Flickr.

Sometimes when I'm running, I watch my shadow on the ground before my feet. It always looks so strong and tall, its perfect posture leading the way. It got me thinking today about where I find and draw my strength from.


I draw strength from my experiences. I was really overcome with appreciation of what has happened in my life over this past year. It allowed me to see what all the hardships as well as the incredible moments have given me.

All the blisters from my marathon training. The tears of happiness from my wedding. The meaningful conversations with friends. The frustrations and stress of helping A start his own business. The fear of never knowing what will happen next. The excitement of never knowing what will happen next...

Look where it all brought me. I am here. Present. Contemplative and appreciative. It feels clear to me that all my experiences have lead me to where I am, and as I posted last week I am very appreciative of being here, in this moment in my life.

Over the next year I will experience more joy, fear, excitement, love and loneliness. But each emotional experience as well as physical experience will keep me moving forward.

On day 12 I very much appreciate all of my experiences both good and bad.

BPositive and BProud of your Past! I has brought you here to your present :)

Love always,

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