Wednesday, November 30, 2011

14 days of appreciation: day 13

Day 13. Wow. It's been almost two weeks. This has become my favorite time of day! Reflecting on all that is positive and worth appreciating. 

Today I appreciate the kindness of others. On three separate occasions people I don't really know did something truly thoughtful for me simply  for the sake of helping another person. 

These moments are so precious because they are a reminder that we really must treat others as we'd want to be treated, but even further we must look at every interaction we have as a potential opportunity to give kindness with all we've got. This was a good lesson today and a reminder that I don't always practice this. I'm glad to be more aware. 

Thanks for all the kindness shared today!

BPositive and BKind!


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  1. The kindness of others is a truly remarkable thing. Thank you for this post. The more self aware I am, the more I notice small acts of kindness. They can be responsible for a positive ripple affect that goes on for miles!!