Friday, November 18, 2011

14 days of appreciation: day 1

A left on his business trip at 5:30 this morning. Puffy eyed and sleep deprived I woke with him. We stumbled around, got his things together and off he went. But not before we reminded each other that every day is a chance to be happy. When he told me I should use te next two days to do something just for me, a lot of things initially event through my mind. Catch up on tv shows. Watch movies I like. Make my favorite foods. Knit. Clean... But here I was at 6:00 am and the morning as it always does was inviting me to enjoy it. It was cold and crisp outside and the world felt vibrant with life. Tea on the stove I bundled for my little jaunt down to the bay. My bay time is almost always productive in some way even if it's just for a good chuckle at the jumping fish and screeching birds. Today was no different. Every so often an idea spawns from my contemplative resting, thus I sit here writing to you all today.

If I am honest, lately I have behaved in ungrateful and unappreciative manners. Today for some reason it is painfully obvious how much I've allowed myself to miss. In order to bring myself back to the present, I am writing my first installment of '14 days of appreciation.' is there not one thing to appreciate everyday. By writing about what I experience I hope to restore what I love about life everyday. I deserve that and owe it to myself.

Day One of Fourteen: Appreciation of Natural Beauty

Sitting by the bay I listened intently to the splash of the water over the rocks. A seagull glided overhead, white belly aglow with orange sunrise. The morning moon, stark white in the sky reminded me that it's fall, my favorite time of year. All the sounds were clear and deliberate, telling me "this is what we do here" come visit us and listen. As I sat by my bay smiling I thought, "the morning is here and I have seen it."

Sun face by springknitter
Sun face, a photo by springknitter on Flickr.

BPositive and BFree with your Appreciation!

Love always,

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