Sunday, January 6, 2013

Cherish and Be Cherished

Happy 2013 my friends. Words are pouring from my pen today. Having spent 14 beautiful days with my family and friends I am fulfilled and yet sad to be so very far away yet again. I'm moved to laugh and cry and I'm not sure which is stronger. What I do know is that I am truly feeling today. Not ignoring, hiding or over overcompensating in my actions. I am sitting here, alive and vulnerable and at the mercy of my thoughts and feelings. There's no question that there are terrifying aspects to these actions. Who would have thought it to be so frightening to sit with our thoughts and not succumb to distractions?

I decided to make a list. What would I like this year to bring?

I have everything on my list from "staying connected with my family" to "growing in my professional life" to "dancing and singing more freely and frequently." My list ended surprisingly with "being cherished" subsequent to "cherishing my relationships." As I thought about the people in my life that I love so very much it felt natural to focus on cherishing them through words and actions. To my surprise I became aware of my emotional stubbornness. There is so much love in my life that I often have difficulty receiving. I've built sound structures to avoid the hurt of distance and dissonance, a disservice to myself and others. It's a two way street this thing called love and if we want to truly cherish one another we must be cherished ourselves.

So this year among many other things I plan to cherish and be cherished. I hope you can do the same.

BPositive and BCherished (and happy new year!)


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  1. What a positive and inspirational blog :) our blogs are twins...