Friday, August 17, 2012

A Beautiful Thing: Day 4

I had the opportunity to attend a Naturalization Ceremony this morning. Men and women from all over the world stood up and introduced themselves and where they came from. '

Egypt. China. El Salvador. Czech Republic. Jamaica. Thailand. Iceland. Peru.

I rarely think about the fact that I was born here and given all the opportunity in the world to do what I want with my life. My only restrictions have been the ones I set upon myself.

Here are individuals accepting citizenship in a country that will allow them to choose a direction in life. Choose a president. Choose a better career. Maybe they had these options before, and maybe not. Either way it's amazing to see this official presentation of individuals proudly standing as members of this country, not because they were born here but because they chose to be here.

I am thankful for my freedom to vote, think and act on what I feel to be just and right in the world. Watching others take a journey to those same freedoms was a beautiful way to start my day.

Did you have a beautiful start to your day?

Bpostive and BFree!


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