Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Beautiful Thing: Day 5

Admittedly I like to plan things. The few things A and I argue about are when he's trying to enjoy the freedom of the weekend and I'm wanting to schedule every minute of it.

Today I woke early in that natural way that feels so restful. Letting A sleep in after his long week I just spent the morning knitting without an ounce of guilt.

The day continued in this carefree fashion. Some coffee, a little reading, some writing, more knitting, some awesome flea market finds, an impromptu snack from the Taco Rock truck and an afternoon shloof (yup that's Yiddish for nap) followed by dinner and a movie with some good friends.

It turns out that if I don't try and control everything we end up feeling a lot more restful in our time off together. And we typically find more time somehow. Imagine that?

So my beautiful moment today was a little life lesson called "relax B it's all going to turn out great."

And it certainly did.

BPositive and BFree!


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