Wednesday, March 21, 2012

We Belong Together

Trees. Plants. Gardens. Farms. Schools. Children.  People. Families. Friends. Communities.

We are all here for a reason. We must all do our part. We must talk to one another, connect and communicate. We must listen and learn from anyone we can. We must observe what our surroundings have to offer and see where we can fill the holes. These are the spaces where we belong, and we belong in those spaces together.

As an independent person, I enjoy working alone, getting lost in my thoughts and experiencing the quiet. But I can't resist what it means to be a part of a community. I can't stay away from discussions about change, outcries of opinions, and steps taken toward action. So when I find myself sitting around a bon fire in downtown Pensacola at 1 in the morning on a Tuesday, sharing an identical vision for change in my community with people I didn't know even 1 month ago, I have to know that something truly significant is taking place. I can't help but feel that my role in this community is important.

The feeling is something unique that I haven't experienced so intensely before. It's a rare gem that I treasure, appreciate and respect every single day. That feeling that I have is belonging. I feel it through the smiles and laughter, through the hard fights and the passion, through the tears and the frustration of making others listen, and through the thousands of other people around the globe who believe it is important.

Everyone at some point will come to find what makes them get up and go without even a question of their purpose. My passion right now is Food Security in my community. Community gardens. Edible Forests. Sustainable Living. Fighting hunger from the underlying systemic problems. Planting Seeds. Growing communities. Empowering people. Provoking change. Living presently. Rooting the cause. Deeply, deeply rooting the cause.

To truly be present in where we are, we must dig our roots a little deeper and settle them into the native soil.We must then let go and trust that the system around us, our soil, our friends, our neighbors, our community will help support our roots with water, sun, and care. When I take a tiny little seedling out of it's cup and put it into the ground, I always have this moment of doubt. Will the roots know how to find their way through the soil? Will this plant grow any taller? Will it bear fruit? I think we often feel this way about planting ourselves where we are, deeply terrified that if we go too deep into the ground it will be hard to get out again. We feel scared that we are alone in our endeavors. Ultimately we question if we really belong where we are, so uncertain that we don't always see the importance of becoming a part of our community. But we must. We must be a part of our communities in whatever capacity we can manage.

Together we are much stronger and serve a much greater purpose. To have the deepest impact on our own personal growth and the biggest sense of belonging we must tuck ourselves in tight and have faith that we are supported, loved, and right where we're supposed to be. From there we grow strong, tall and beautiful, a small (but significant) plant in a big garden. We provide necessities for others and ultimately our seeds will spread.

BPositive and BRooted!


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