Friday, March 23, 2012

Stuff Breaks Make Art

I had one of those rainy sort of mornings. In the literal sense, yes it was raining, but everything I tried seemed to land me in a puddle. The plants I was transporting to the market, were crushed by a camicazi tire that came unhitched in the van, the plants already at the market were infested by pesky little things called aphids, and there were countless other obstacles to maneuver around making a simple task quite frustrating.

But that's life. So how do we deal with it? Spilled milk. broken glass. Missed flights...

Well lets make something good out of it!

A few weeks ago, one of my favorite kitchen spoons (ceramic) shattered on the ground. I was annoyed at first but thought I'd keep it in case a project came to mind and today it came to me :)

ah sweet simplicity.
Not all situations are the same, but can't we make "art" out of most of them? I say lets try! This is going up in my kitchen to remind me to make art when I'm feeling stressed.

BPositive and BWilling to Make Art when things Aren't Perfect!


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