Monday, March 26, 2012


Do you ever have one of those nights where you're not sleeping but you're actively living? Going about the things that matter to you during the day, all night long inside your head.

Often I garden in my dreams but last night was different. I had more responsibility than that. People were counting on me. I woke up feeling the weight.

We are all a part of some form of a community. We have roles, responsibilities and obligations to honor. I woke overwhelmed by the people I want to help.

I advocate for schools, local communities, and spaces with potential for good. My mind is always thinking how I can assist in helping people eat. For many it may be to help them eat more affordably or in a healthier way. For some it is just to help them have food for the day. 

How can anyone feel motivated everyday with some much on their plate? 

This simple reminder lightened my weight. 

I am not alone. 
This mission would not exist without others. 
I am not alone. 
We are in it together.  
I am not alone. 
We're going to make real change, 
A community change. 

BPositive and BPart of your Community!



  1. You are not alone, good friend of mine :)

  2. Nice thoughts, B! Your post reminds me of our connection -- I'm indeed in this with you!
    About your sense of responsibility -- it's admirable, but I remind you that you're entitled to some boundaries. In the end, you do more for everyone when your life is balanced and you're not feeling overwhelmed.