Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A Wonderful Moment

Recently I have been blessed with wonderful reminders. They come in the many forms of conversation, natural occurrences, and books. I believe these reminders have always been available to me. I am grateful now, to be willing to accept them in all forms, both familiar and unique.

Every day I live is filled with unexpected surprises. Some cause my heart rate to elevate and my mind to worry. When I say these worries aloud, others empathize with my stress. The more I vent, the more I fixate.

Sometimes I feel defeated and at my wits end. I look for pity from others and from myself. I give myself reasons to be angry, sad and frustrated. I tell myself I deserve to feel this way. And as a result, that is exactly how I feel. And honestly... It's miserable.

This morning I was handed one of the helpful reminders. A reminder that helps me fight the urge to be negative. It came in the form of a breathing exercise. I learned it from a book I'm reading by a Vietnamese Buddhist Monk named Thich Nhat Hanh and it goes like this:

Breathing in I calm my body

Breathing out I smile

Dwelling in the present moment

I know this is a wonderful moment

It's simple and easy to remember and carries a beautiful purpose. When using this exercise, be sure to take a breath in on the first sentence, a breath out on the second (and smile!), a breath in on the third, and a breath in on the last. Breathe with a consciousness and feel each word you say in your head and your heart.
I incorporated this breathing exercise into my morning today. I walked to work in the vibrant sunshine and repeated these words over and over. I felt certain that there was nothing more significant than doing this exercise in that moment. No worry, no stress, no obligation important enough to penetrate this peaceful approach to my day.
As I got nearer to work (and I use the term work loosely as it is one of my favorite activities at the moment) I had an urge to walk a little faster as I saw the front door to the building. I felt a twinge of anxiety as I would shortly have responsibility, structure and interaction with others. Experiencing these urges,  I decided to speak my calm breathing words louder in my head. I took steps that were slower and purposeful. I felt the weight and sensation of each step on the sidewalk.
I concluded that it is easy to only take actions that lead to a final result. I walk each morning and as a result I arrive at work. I breath every couple of seconds and as a result I stay alive. I type these words and subsequently there is a story to be read and a message to be received. These are all good reasons to take actions.

But I'd like to also believe that each one of these actions can also be enjoyed for what they are as separate entities. Each step can feel so meaningful if enjoyed as a step and not a means to a destination. Each breath can calm, soothe and relax our bodies, minds and spirits while simultaneously keeping us alive and healthy. And each word I type has its own presence regardless of which word comes before or after.

I encourage you today to do something mindful. Whether it be a step, a breath, a written word, or maybe even a hug let yourself experience that moment for exactly what it is. Because it truly is a wonderful moment.

Breathing in I calm my body
Breathing out I smile
Dwelling in the present moment
I know this is a wonderful moment
  by springknitter

BPositive and BMindful of Life's wonderful Moments!

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  1. Hey B -- Great post. I love the way you can celebrate the simplest, most easily taken for granted things. This is what I call the joyous intersection of wonder and gratitude!