Monday, September 19, 2011

Your Love is Enough

About two years ago I was fortunate enough to meet the most giving people I have ever encountered. They came from all over the world to a small town in Kentucky in order to work with children and adults with disabilities at a life changing place called camp KYSOC.

Over the months that we spent time together, working, singing, laughing, crying and sharing stories, I learned about each one of these people. I learned about their lives, their intelligence, their work ethic and their hearts.

I’m writing today because one of these friends, one of my family members has lost someone special to her. It got me thinking about life and how we approach things.

This sister of mine, L, has a heart that forever gives. It gives to others before it provides for itself. It thinks of others before it thinks of itself. It’s a heart that sometimes feels as though it is not giving enough even though it is so selfless.

L, I just want to tell you that the love you show for others is enough. It’s ok to be busy and not always physically present for others. It’s ok not to always have the words to share that were on your mind. It’s ok that things don't always go exactly as you planned. I just want you to know that from what I see and what I felt when I spent time with you is that your love is enough. On the receiving end we all feel it just because you are who you are. I feel it from you even when we’re not communicating that often. This is why you are such an incredible counselor, a loving fiancĂ©, an exceptional friend, and the best niece your beloved aunt could have ever had.

I felt this was not only important to share with you, L, but with others who may feel this way sometimes. Sometimes we don’t always know the best way to give. Or maybe we regret things we never said. Or maybe we’re unsure of how the way we share love is being received.

Just show your love the way you know how. We all do it differently.

I love you L. Your aunt loves you and your KYSOC family is with you always. That’s what family is for.

BPositive and BStrong


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