Wednesday, September 7, 2011

52 sunsets

My husband A once had an idea for a book.  We make time, once a week to watch the sunset and record it with photos, thoughts, and memories. We would put those sunsets into a book and have a record of a spectacular year. I've always loved this idea. There are times in our lives where we don't always take the time to watch even just one sunset a week or a month or longer!

We chose sunset because there is something about that magical time of day that resonates with us. It's a time to transition from a busy days to relaxing nights full of rest and peace. It's different for everyone. Perhaps for some a sunrise captures that feeling. Or maybe watching the deer when they first come out in the morning walking through dewy grass. Regardless of location, these are moments where we just listen and watch and let our inner dialogue run wild in our minds. No control. No worry. No wanting to be anywhere else.

This week I have watched the sunset every night. My mind has been occupied on other things during the day and truthfully I have let my emotions and inner growth be slowed by daily tasks. I don't want to force myself to be something I am not right now. But I know it feels right to watch those sunsets. To have that 45 minutes where it's just me and the birds.

Sunset watch by springknitter

It's quiet on my  road. I watch the mullets leap from the bay and splash creating concentric circles. I watch the pelicans glide so silently just inches from the water's surface to join their mates. I listen to the constant gurgles of the water slurping against the rocks as the wind shifts. Every day is slightly different. Every minute I sit the events of the night progress.

I love a good sunset not just because of how it looks but for how it feels. How it calms me when my mind is racing. Sunsets can be romantic. They can be shared with loved ones and friends. But for me, right now, sunsets are a personal time out from everyone elses chaos. I am so thankful that I have a place to watch them over the water any time I want.

Perdido sunset by springknitter

So what will your sunset be this week?

BPositive and BThankful for all that Nature Provides for Us!


  1. That bay makes for some pretty amazing sunsets. Enjoy them for me! xoxo

  2. There's nothing in this world as beautiful and precious as nature. Your sunset photos are beautiful. I'm itching for a new camera at the moment, and seeing these pictures has made the urges even worse :)

    missanne via check out my blog #4