Monday, October 10, 2011

Obsess on the Positive!

Do you ever wake up in the morning angry about something? Something you didn't even realize was bothering you that much? This morning, I woke agitated about something that was externally and clearly internally, unresolved. And for me personally it always comes back to this one concept...


I struggle with this word and always have. It's always been so imperative in my life that things are "fair" and that no one is getting away with lies or schemes.

In a world that has crime and anger and millions of cases of unfairness, I have to pick my battles wisely. And this morning, brooding with frustration, I had to ponder, should I even ever choose a battle at all?

I walked down to the bay with my journal to write out why I was angry, who I was angry with, what they had done, what were the consequences and how important was this issue to me? As I wrote about it, I realized that the issue was not just about what had recently happened but some things that had been happening over time and ultimately my own insecurity with my relationship with this person.

Journal love by springknitter

The obsessing over the justice of this situation was hurting my heart. It was restraining my ability to have a peaceful and productive day. And as I sat by the bay, I decided I wanted to stop.

I was reacting over something I could not externally control and I was trying to change the actions of another person.

The very fact that this issue was eating away at me this morning led me to believe that I was meant to let go of it. I can't force people to do what I want them to do. I can't make the world around me a just place. I can't reverse a situation that has already happened.

But I can choose how I handle my reactions. I can choose to let anger and disappointment wash away into the sea. I can trust that by letting things go they will somehow work out in a way I could not have anticipated.  And most importantly by letting go I can open up channels for positive and beautiful things to come into my life.

Journal love 2 by springknitter

All that being said, I believe my prayers were heard this morning. I wished deeply to let go of this anger and resentment and focus on letting positive things into my life instead. I prayed for help to continue to work on this throughout the day. And I deeply felt that by letting go of anger I'd be opening up channels for beautiful things.  Within minutes I opened my eyes to find a dolphin. She was swimming just 20 feet from where I was sitting. Quite small, perhaps a baby, she glided and in and out of the water, sometimes coming up so high for air that I could see her tiny black eye taking in the morning sunlight. Her sleek shiny back moved so smoothly through the waves. It was such a beautiful miracle this morning to have her join in this moment of realization. As I ran home to tell Adam, I was given a clear indication that the person I was brooding over was putting care and effort into the situation. At that point I didn't even need it anymore but it was a exchange that brought me a sense of peacefulness with what I had accomplished already this morning.

It's amazing what you can do in the first waking hour of your day and its even more amazing what we can receive when we reverse our thoughts and let love in.

Sun 2 by springknitter

BPositive and BPositively Open today! Beautiful things will come right to your door :)

Love always,


  1. True words. I agree with your assertions Becca. Only we can control how we let things affect us. It is up to us to choose whether that is positive or negative. Glad you turned it around.

  2. Letting go is a hard thing to accomplish, but it's one of the best feelings you can have!
    Being angry isn't productive, it's nice to see that you can let go and relax.

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  3. I went through stages of being so angry after my diagnosis of Hodgkin's Lymphoma. Now none of that or the things I worried about before I got sick seem to matter any more. I love your positive outlook on life- it's very inspiring. I also have kept journals since I was 12 and find them very therapeutic.

    missanne via check out my blog #4