Tuesday, March 22, 2011


I was recently invited to take a meditation class. I was quite enthused because lately, it's been challenging to learn how to turn off the noises in my head. Mainly, the stress, frustration and constant planning forever runs laps in my mind. Even when it's time to relax and watch a movie or take a hike or spend time taking a drive with A, I still go back to all my worries. All my fears.

This meditation class came at welcome time. Maybe I could find ways to turn these things off. And beyond just that, I thought it could help me still my restless body that is always fidgeting, itching, and squirming.

I'm proud to say that meditation has been really helping. Before bed it gives me a chance to clear out all the things that normally keep me up at night. And in the morning, it helps me start the day without feeling overwhelmed. Mostly I'm proud that I've given something a chance that normally scares me. It may seem silly to say that sitting still for 20 minutes is scary, but it is. What if I get an itch on my back that I'm not allowed to scratch? What if my foot falls asleep? What if my thoughts become negative and scary? What if I want to open my eyes?

But it's about surrendering, not controlling. Something I have a great deal to learn about! I've found that if I accept that my back has an itch and just surrender to it, it slowly goes away. If my thoughts turn to worry, I just say that small, but powerful mantra, that dissipates any notion. If I want to open my eyes, I remember that for this moment it's about being still and seeing nothing and that anything on the outside doesn't matter right now.

This morning I opened the sliding doors in my living room and sat down on my coach. It's feeling like late spring here, everyday getting into the mid to high 70's. The birds are so exciting and chirping up a storm. And after meditating for 20 minutes, my head feels very clear and very fresh. It feels ready to take on responsibility for the day and not get overwhelmed by it. It opens my heart to be able to pray and really listen to what is driving me today.

I really recommend taking a meditation class or even finding a practice in a book or online. It's rejuvenating and allows you to take time for yourself. Not to think, not to worry, not to figure out your problems, but to be blank for a while and refresh your senses.

Have a great Tuesday my friends!

BPositive and BInside Yourself!


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