Thursday, March 24, 2011

Road Trippin'

I was talking to B today and feeling sort of tired and mopey.  I didn't sleep great last night and work progress has been slow. B was distracting me by telling me about her sister's bachelorette party tomorrow night. They will be taking part in a number of activities but the one she's most excited about is Karaoke. "I've never done it before," she said. The thought of her doing karaoke for the first time got me thinking about a memory from a couple of years ago. I briefly told her the story of when A and I were in the Great Smoky Mountains. After hiking and taking in the incredible views, we drove through the park and out to the other side. There were lights in the distance. Bright lights. Flashing lights. Neon lights. Vegas? In Tennessee? Nope. Gatlinburg.

It was quite a contrast from camping but we were tired and after sleeping on the ground for so many weeks in a row we decided to take a night and treat ourselves to a bed and a hot shower. A decided he'd treat me to a date night. He took me to a local joint where they served fun appetizers and cold beer. It wasn't often that we would treat ourselves to restaurant food so this was tasting good. And there just happened to be Karaoke going on in the background. I had done karaoke once before in high school but that was with my giggling friends, all looking like a unified team of fools, together. Here it was just me and A and a bunch of people we didn't know. A loves Karaoke. But that's because he actually knows how to sing. He did a few songs and got some good cheers. The whole time my chest was pounding because I knew I wanted to get up there but something had me so scared. A couple on their honeymoon moseyed over to us, or stumbled I should say. Miss Tipsy had been singing (and drinking) all night and wanted me to do a song with her. By then the bar had pretty much emptied. So why was I still nervous? We got up there sung a rousing round of "I touch myself" (not my finest hour) and danced around with little care of how we appeared. The fear turned to adrenaline which turned to excitement and exhilaration.
A later time in my karaoke career with some friends on the 4th of July in Madison, IN

When I was done telling this story to B, I felt a lot better. A lot less mopey and tired. I was excited to just reminisce about my adventures and think forward to possible new ones!   Isn't it exciting to know that you can jump in the car and just go and have an adventure? Even a small one like my Karaoke night.  A little road trip (or the prospect of one) always solves my restlessness and mopiness. 

Ribbon Candy country highways
A and I took a little road trip this past weekend. We jumped in the car and drove through small towns with big personalities. Even when we don't have a lot of time or money for big trips, it's great just to explore what's around you. This country is so quirky and fun and there is creativity everywhere!

Need I say more? 

As a seasoned veteran of the open road I have more extreme restlessness than most, but I think we can all relate. Once you take a real road trip you get that energy running through your veins. If you sit long enough it charges and suddenly you just have to get out there and see something, do something, or just drive for hours at a time! There's nothing more exciting to me than looking at a map and seeing all the places that I have not yet explored. And this country is so accessible that if you do it right you can get anywhere in just a day or two! But that's just me. I am a bit extreme with my road tripping. A and I have it down to perfection. We've learned how to comfortably sleep in the car, eat cheap, and pack for any amount of time away from home. We've made it from Eastern Colorado to Eastern Kentucky in just 24 hours. But a true road trip has no time limits. Your senses are awake and you're ready for anything!!

I would encourage anyone to see a little roadside America! Check out to see what's in your own back yard and get that spirit! Driving is freedom in the US and around every corner is something incredible, whether natural or man made, artistic or structured, it's all worth seeing!! 

Enjoy some crazy Roadside America photos from my year long cross country journey with A and as always
BPositive and BAdventurous!


The world's Largest Fork at 35 ft high (Springfield, MO)

A sculpture garden of bottles (South-Eastern CA on Rt 66)

A found route 66 sign made from volcanic rock (South-Eastern CA)

Shoe Tree (Amboy, CA)

An Alpine Village in the South (Helen, GA)

Giant Crayons at the Crayola Factory (Easton, PA)

Pumpkintown, SC

Lucus, KS

Fork Art (Lucus, KS)

Third Street Stuff a funky coffee house! (Lexington, KY)

The License Plate Shed (Somewhere in Western KY)

The worlds Largest ball of twine (Cawker City, KS)

The Tin Man at Dorothy's house (Liberal, KS)

Giant Book at the Library (Liberal, KS)

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  1. I'm so envious that you've been to so many zany and interesting places, and have been able to take such great pictures and memories of them! :)