Friday, March 18, 2011


Friends are people that never judge. They listen and relate even when their situation is different. And they care about us even when we make mistakes. It's true friends that we show who we really are in a "it's all or nothing" sort of fashion. These people make us feel loved and they cherish who we are deep down inside regardless of circumstance. I am so fortunate to have people that embrace me for who I am. Even when it's a little "off the beaten path..."

I'm realizing though, outside of certain friendships, I sensor myself. I keep quiet. I keep a large piece of who I am to myself. In theory, I don't care much about what other people think, but in action it seems like it may be something worrisome to me.

I was realizing this from the positive end of the spectrum while sitting around a small dinner table with three of my newest friends. Girls who are so new in my life, but inspire a more open and honest behavior from me that when I am usually spending time with new people. Each one of them is positive in their own way. Each one has a unique life story. Each one has a lifestyle that suits them well. And each one is not afraid to talk about who they are and what makes them happy, even if they know it may be different from others. They also aren't afraid to disagree with one another. Here we were all sitting together, different in many ways but having such a wonderful time. No one was judging one another or holding back who they were. So why can't we feel like this all the time? With all new friends? or even old friends?

When we are in environments that feel constricting, it's hard to be who we really are. The environment with my new friends is very open to all mindsets and lifestyles. It's so special, but that's not always the norm! It's so easy to close up inside, keep our comments to ourselves, and even agree with things that we don't agree with just to make things easier!

Holing-up over the long haul is very tiresome on the heart. I know my heart has been tired for a while, because my walls have been up. Meeting these new friends and writing this blog has opened me up again. It's made me realize that if someone else doesn't agree with me or they start judging me for my words and feelings...then that's okay. They don't have to agree and they can judge me if they want. But they're judgement doesn't have to affect me. Especially when I know there are places I can go and people I can be with that bring out my absolute best!

Judgement from others isn't always obvious either. Sometimes it's just the way the environment feels or it's having heard words of judgement been passed upon others. Having felt that before in many situations, it can be scary to be who you really are in those environments.

I also like to try and put shoes on from the other side and make sure that my behavior isn't judgmental from my end. Am I giving them the opportunity to hear what I have to say? Am I assuming that they will make me feel bad? Am I prejudging the situation before really giving it a fair chance? Some environments need a little more tender love and care than others! It doesn't mean they are not worth it.

All in all I feel best when I can say what's in my heart. Maybe the words come out strange or awkward or sappy, but they come out that way because they are natural. And if we can't let that shine through every single day than who are we really?

Be yourself today. Be who you are inside and out. Sure, some people will judge you, but most people won't! I suggest sticking with the ones who embrace who you really are. By hiding in your shell you're not giving people a chance to get to know the wonderful person that you are! Let your light shine through. I'm not judging :)

BPositive and BYourself!

Love Always,

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  1. Oh this is so insightful! If only everyone could live by these words, our world would be so much happier. People would just be happy with who they are instead of being who everyone else wants them to be.
    You are incredible my beautiful, talented daughter. I know you are on the right path, and you are going to many wonderful places, and will keep meeting and inspiring people wherever you are.
    I love you and as I always say, are in awe of you.