Thursday, December 16, 2010

ideas and realities

"All achievements, all earned riches, have their beginning in an idea." -Napoleon Hill

Do you ever have moments where these creative, dynamic, and inspiring ideas come into your head? Sometimes its in the shower, or while working out, or in my case on a really long car ride home.

Now how many of these ideas just, poof! disappear? If you're most people, then poof! poof! poof..for most of our lives even! Now if you're like me, and you're a disciplined person, you get things done, you stick to your task list, and you're on time with your tasks, you'd think realizing an idea would not be rocket science. But a "big vision" realized into a dynamite actuality, requires a lot more than just discipline and chipping away at small tasks. 

I am currently swimming uncharted waters, where everything is new, everyday is unexpected, and there is almost no consistency in my daily tasks (which sometimes makes me crazy!) Important things come up that require attention at any given notice and what I've learned to be of utmost importance in the past is now often obsolete. In other words, the last 6 months have completely and utterly rocked my world.

Now there are many details that can support a lot of these statements, but frankly they will bore you and may be hard to relate to, as you are not me. However, I feel that this "world rocking" life I am currently living and the growth it has produced in myself is worthy of a little blog lesson.

Today's Lesson:
The initial steps to turning visions into realities

Let me go back to the Napoleon Hill quote above because I believe that this is a true statement but an incomplete one. Yes, the idea is the starting point, but then what? What next? How to we realize this idea? Are we driven enough to do so? Do we have the discipline? Do we have ability to push through discomfort, over and over again to actually come out on the other side?

From a budding entrepreneur's mind to your ears if you choose to listen, here's what I suggest initially. And I need to heed my own advice because I have yet to do this with my "big vision" from my car ride yesterday!

1. Just write down what you saw in your head. Some of us see in pictures. Others in words. Others in colors and so on and so forth. But write it down, draw it, sketch it, record it on a device. Date it! Just get it down so that you can remember what that vision looked like when it initially popped into your head.
Now very important: Don't get bogged down with what will be hard about this vision's actualization, what might bring you discomfort, what seems nearly impossible, and the logistics behind how this will even work. These things will hold you down like a ton of bricks and they will just take the inspirational wind right out of you! Besides...this is future stuff! You need to focus on the present and that is simply recording your vision and staying excited about it.

2. Don't be embarrassed of, ashamed of, or hold back on your vision. Sometimes the "big visions" we see in our heads don't immediately translate to something another human can comprehend. This does not mean it's a bad vision or a stupid idea! In fact it probably means you're a genius filled with what my best friend B affectionately calls "creative vomit" ;) sounds gross...but is really a compliment! I have this problem a lot. I have difficulty saying things out loud in a coherent way and therefore when I have a good idea I am afraid to say it out loud to anyone. And ultimately I squash it myself before it even has a chance to be something great because I'm afraid others will think it's ridiculous. But who cares what other people think anyway right? And obviously, talk to people who are thinkers* like you. If you talk to a zombie**, you're just asking for negativity and I can't feel bad for you!

3. Here's your action step: Start by listing just 1 task that brings you discomfort in your vision: maybe it's knowing you will have to make phone calls, or write a letter to a celebrity, or create an LLC which you've never done before. Just list it. It's not happening yet. But it's a reality.
      ex) Without sharing my "big vision" just yet my reality task will include walking around down town and speaking with all the local galleries, art associations, and artists in town and acquiring a position to "shadow" or mentor under a business owner in the arts for just one day a week. Now this terrifies me! Because it means a)I have to go talk to people I don't know b)I have to put myself out there for possible rejection and c) I know nothing about business in the arts and I have to convince someone to let me learn from them and take up their precious time. But ultimately, while this is a scary reality, its also a concrete task.  And since it's uncomfortable it will be my first step in growing forward toward realizing my vision. It's my first step away from the pages of my journal and the thoughts in my head. And for my own benefit and possibly yours I am writing this task down on a promise card for you to see and hold me to.

This is my pocket promise to myself that in the next three weeks these things will get done. I will carry it with me wherever I go and each time I reach for my chap stick or my keys it will be there reminding me of my promise to myself. And now I have all of you to remind me as well :)

So if you have an idea that you want to be a reality. do something! Yes, it all starts with the idea but what do we really have that's tangible if it never leaves our head. And if you want to make a promise to yourself to get something done don't be afraid to leave me a comment about it and I'll hold you to it! It's a promise :)

As always friends, BPositive and Be active!!!

Some of my terminology if you're confused:

*Thinker: A thinker is someone who does not see the world as black and white. They challenge the ideals of our society and don't accept things for what they are. Thinkers don't wait for things to happen, they create opportunity and create success and happiness for themselves. Thinkers will always survive because there is no situation they won't find their way out of.

**Zombie: A Zombie is basically the opposite of a thinker and we all know, not just one, but hundreds! We come in contact with them everyday. They are pushed around by societal rules and regulations, they let things get them down and affect them to the point of not being able to get back up again. They don't think outside the box. They are usually the ones that tell you you're "crazy" when really you're just living your life and feeling alive! They are constant skeptics and don't often try a lot of new things. They are not bad people, but they sure won't help you be successful. You may even be related to Zombies or have them as friends. You don't have to get rid of them but I caution you not to talk to them about you rockin' "thinker" ideas! They will give you negativity almost 100% of the time.

Creative Vomit (Thanks B!): I'll give you some example of my previous creative vomit so you can conclude for yourself. B was leaving on a trip to Spain for an extended stay and I wanted to give her something that was useful, handmade by yours truly, and extremely technologically advanced. I designed a remote control that could literally do anything! It has a crystal ball button to see the future, a healthy button to remind her to make good choices, and a key button to unlock any tucked away issue in her life. This is advanced stuff! And it's total Creative Vomit. A picture may be the only way for you to understand. B I hope it's ok if I share this with the world. I am not ashamed! even came with a manual


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