Wednesday, December 15, 2010

When people tell you you're crazy

...then you're probably doing something right.

As usually my morning run inspired this entry: I woke up to find my room chilled and ice cold and checked the thermometer on the phone only to find that it's 3 degrees outside. My running clothes were already folded and ready to go (yes I'm one of those people that puts out there clothes for the next day the night before) and there was a part of my brain that said DON'T DO IT. Don't go running this morning. It's dangerous. There may be ice. You'll get sick. People will think you are crazy....

ahh, people will think I am crazy. There is a notion that I hear all too often. If I had a thought bubble hanging out above my head I think that sentence would appear inside of it about 7 times a day! People will think I'm crazy. Those of you who know me are laughing because my life is fairly unorthodox... but in all seriousness, do these words not have an effect on us?

Back to my running epiphany...

So, before I set out, in two pairs of pants, underarmor, a flecce, a sweatshirt, two pairs of gloves, a balaclava and a hat, I was already told  by someone in person that I was crazy and I had my first crazy thought bubble of the day floating around my warmly dressed head. 

But i had no impending doom, no fear, no shame or embarrassment. In fact I was just filled with excitement and adventure and drive. I run in all weather and I'm proud of it. I pop negative thought bubbles. Pop, pop, pop! 

And in the end I've never had a more empowered run!! and it got me thinking about the other choices we make in our lives. Do we really want to make life choices based on what other people think is good or bad for us? 

Well I sure don't! I run in 3 degrees. I left a job with good pay and benefits to live like a nomad in my tent.  When I was a teenager I would used my savings and spend it all on a travel experience to see the world. And now I'm an entrepreneur. And surely I'll expound on that another time. 

But for now I really encourage people to visit that "you're crazy" thought bubble. Don't ignore it. Hear it and decide what's right for you. "your crazy" may be just the thing you need to hear to do something amazing!

I would love to hear what "crazy" decisions y'all have made (I'm writing to you from Tulsa,OK so I'm allowed to say y'all) so write some comments and share! You know there's at least one person in the world that doesn't think you're crazy! 

Till next time y'all (promise that's the last time I'll say it) 

Remember to BPositive! And be crazy!


  1. Hey there B are crazy as a loon! But that is why I associate with you. Throughout my life I have used the opinions of others as a barometer. If they said, "you're crazy" or "that will never work" then I knew I was on the right track.

    That was because I was associated with the wrong crowd, aligned with the wrong people. Not that they were bad, they were simply different than me and aligned themselves with different ideals.

    As you stated about running, if you told someone who doesn't run at all and they work inside all day that you are going running in 3 degree weather, they'll say "you're crazy." Conversely, you say that same thing to a runner or someone that works outside everyday,they'll probably give you a "keep up the good work" type comment.

    As I realized this, I qualified the source of the comment prior to allowing my brain to react. If a die hard runner told you that you were crazy to run in 3 degree weather, it should give you pause. Maybe they know a valid reason why you shouldn't run. If a couch potato says the same thing, say "thanks for your concern and don't give it a second thought."

    I live a life that most people would not understand and many lack the capacity to do so. However, the team I surround myself with and align myself with completely "gets it" and they are my source of opinion.

    But, ultimately, I make my own decisions based on my own thoughts and experience.

    Long live the crazies!

  2. I just love to be told I am crazy. First of all it runs in the family and second of all it makes me prove the non crazy wrong! I take being called crazy about doing some of the things I do as a challenge.
    Now not all things I do are crazy, and I'm not actually called crazy to my face, but it's the look people give me, that just says crazy!
    I guess my craziest thing done to date besides sleeping on the ground in a tent "at my age" ! can you believe? to dance and sing on a stage in front of hundreds of people twice a year, and I can't carry a tune... now that's crazy!
    Like I said, it runs in the family!

  3. If someone is hating you are doing your job.

    - PolsPhoto via SB