Sunday, August 10, 2014

A Very Merry UnBirthday

I've missed blogging. I've missed sharing a piece if myself and having a space for all the things I think are beautiful. I haven't been hiding. I've been living. Just like I was living while I was blogging. But today I just missed it so here I am. I am blogging again on August 10th, the day after my 29th birthday.

This morning I am knitting. And knitting always gets me thinking. It's so methodical and meditative. It's hard not to let my thoughts wander...

...maybe I should get back on my blog...maybe I should revamp  my blog...maybe I should call my mom...or paint another flower pot for my front my vitamin making me sick?...I feel a little nauseous..or maybe I'm just hungry...Pregnancy leaves me feeling so strange sometimes...but I'm so happy to be pregnant...I'm so hopeful about the future...I'm also scared, but today I feel more hopeful...I'm content right now...just keep smiling and knitting and let your mind wander...maybe just write some of this down...

On my front porch I can watch people of all walks of life go by. A couple with their Pomeranian sitting up on the man's shoulders arguing about something loudly, a teenage boy with a scowl on his face who did not return my hello, and my neighbor on her bike all pass my little viewing spot. A hopeful hint of a breeze, not quite cool but somehow refreshing on this August day passes through my prayer flags and wind chimes. I take a deep breath and feel so thankful for the slow southern life I've been given. People drive too fast down my road and I have to remind myself not to feel anger. This is a peaceful moment and I can decide what I want it to be. My neighbors cats circle the area, too skittish to let me near them but they make me smile none the less. I love the life they bring to my neighborhood. My front porch is just my little observation deck.

As I mentioned earlier, it's the day after my 29th birthday. My UnBirthday as A referred to it this morning lovingly. I'm excited to start the second day of my 29th year, sitting on my porch this morning enjoying this moment, knitting (and typing) to the Avett Brothers singing melodically in the background. Birthdays are certainly an opportunity for celebration and an outpour of love and support from family and friends. But really, as it turns out UnBirthdays are just as important, more important even. They are the 364 other days, the every days, that we live our lives. My 29th birthday was filled with magical wishes and so much love. But today feels remarkably magical too. A slower and more reflective kind of day. With knitting needs in hand, and august sweat beads starting to form, I will turn my focus to the present and say thank you for all I have.

 It is a very, special UnBirthday indeed.

How will you spend your UnBirthday today?

BPositive and BFree


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  1. Good for you, B, for being, at your tender age, well on your way to knowing the joy of simply "B-ing" -- something many of us wait for far too long. Happy unbirthday!