Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ah Spring

Its finally spring. In northwest Florida the air is dry, the birds are a choir outside my house, and the bay just sparkles like diamonds.

While I've felt the initial buzz of the new season, my routine hasn't yet caught up. I've been working a lot (think cubicle...) My husband "A" too. We're in the early stages of a new business and it's not always easy. In our tired state we often fall prey to our winter comforts...Not so kind foods...Movies and TV... Holing up in our house on the couch...

But March is bursting through my windows!! so why am I finding it hard to break these winter habits?

I talked to "A" about my dilemma. I want to embrace my playful side again and open my heart to all the beautiful gifts around me.

So we made a jar. A playful jar. A jar with ideas for activities, outings, and ways to just love our surroundings. I thought I would share some of these.

Finger paint. Dance in the rain. Muppet graffiti. Drive 50 miles outside of town in any direction. Hit the swings at the park. Make a fort. Side walk chalk. Frisbee. Skip rocks in the bay. Star gaze. Dance party! Just to name a few.

Yesterday we sat in the park decorating rocks (this is muppet graffiti in case you were wondering) with vibrant colors and love to leave for others to find. It was a concrete plan that turned into running around the gazebo, taking silly pictures and then tossing the frisbee around the park. "A" challenged me to see if I could get the frisbee through the tree branches. A game that failed in execution but resulted in uncontrollable laughter. We played. We actually let go and played like children. Free from the bills, the business and all the responsibility. It felt so good!

With winter just barely behind us it's not always easy to shift. Coming to the surface should be a gentle experience. Small actions. Embracing the energizing sunlight. Opening the windows. Challenging yourself to a new and maybe silly activity. And maybe even finding a way to PLAY that's right for you!

An open heart gives way to a free spirit
A free spirit changes as she pleases
She embraces her beauty
She's knows that all beauty around her is simple and real
She stops to smell the roses and picks one for herself because roses are meant to be shared.
She lives brightly.
Sparkles deeply.
Loves passionately.
Plays jubilantly.
Her actions are deep hues of sapphire, emerald and garnet.
She's Alive.

Happy spring my dear friends!

BPositive and BFree!

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  1. What a very fine post, B! I love not just your resolve to be more aware and playful, but also the way you and A brainstormed, the play jar, the way you could let go, and your gentle encouragement to the rest of us. Not to mention your wonderful poem.

    I must admit that my former life as a commercial copy writer couldn't help itself, and suggested a new headline for your post: "Spring: A Door, a Jar"