Thursday, January 17, 2013

Replenish Your Pool

It's amazing how the culmination of a week or even a day can leave us dazed and confused. What happened? How did my emotions go from happy and peaceful to irritable and frustrated in such a short period of time?

It's usually not one thing but a myriad of events that bring us to our "breaking points." This is where I usually analyze, compartmentalize, write, talk, and pray.

And from all that there are often very simple things that bring me back to even grounds.

-taking one hour to myself in the morning to drink tea, read, write, listed to music, or watch a TV show

-take time for myself after work to run or read or shop or cook

-do a project for my house on my sewing machine or knit something for myself

The key is to do something for YOU. Whether we are mothers, wives, husbands, providers, sisters, brothers, or someone's best friend, we spend a lot of our day doing things for other people. The beauty in the world is because of this. But we must refill our pools and find love for ourselves when we're tired and stressed. It's no ones job but our own to give ourselves what we truly need. And sometimes that is just a little time.

This morning, feeling as though I needed a week to recuperate from my last few days I'm surprisingly refreshed and alive. Simply because I let myself enjoy tea and my journal and a little blog time.

Now I'm ready to go and take on this chilly Pensacola morning and all that it holds!

What will you do for YOU today? Refill your pool!

BPositive and BFree!


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