Tuesday, August 14, 2012

A Beautiful Day: One

We put so much pressure on ourselves.
We label everything we do.
We put ourselves in pretty little boxes that help us explain why we do what we do.
We try to define who we are so it can all make sense.

I'm always trying to make sense of things. It's the organized side of me. But sometimes I just want it to be okay for there to be chaos and not always be looking for the solutions. But how do you do that when you're a perpetual compartmentalizer?

In the midst of trying to understand my impact in my job, my purpose in my community, my best possible diet, my role in my marriage and my family, and my hopes, dreams and passions... I often feel lost. What is most important today? How can all these things be important at once? How can I stay excited about my current job when I am building a new one? How important is veganism if sometimes I feel run down and sluggish? Do I choose food that helps keep my spirit alive and happy or always opt for what is healthiest? Do I re-establish my love for running or stay focused on something less stressful and time consuming? How do I build for a future here when sometimes I miss living closer to home?

And the questions go on and on. Does anyone else find this to be a truth in their life?

Well here's my idea...

Find the things that are true, consistent and always beautiful in your life. Every single day we have these things. In the midst of the chaos there is always beauty. I will dedicate the next 30 days to finding that beauty even when the answers are not always available to me.

I know from past experience that time will always reveal what is right for me and for now I must focus on what is in front of me in these wonderful, present moments.

Today's beautiful moment comes in the form of a 6 years old little girl. She ran up to me while I was harvesting basil in the teaching garden. I put a bunch of leaves in a bag for her and we talked about ways that she could use the basil. Her favorite way to use it is on spaghetti with the red sauce. She also couldn't wait to put some in her salad when she got home. Connecting all the pieces of where the basil had just come from, she asked where she could get some seeds. We talked about places to buy them very inexpensively by we also got to do a lesson on seed harvesting. I took a flower/ pod off the top of the basil and showed her the little seeds inside. They were green and moist so I told her they would need to dry out and turn black before being planted. So excited, she insisted on planting one immediately in the teaching garden. Her enthusiasm was so rejuvenating. It reminded me why I teach these skills. And it reminded me that growing out of the ground to feed ourselves is beautiful and wholesome. The girl's mom signed up to come to the next work shop we are having at the food pantry's garden. I hope they come. 

BPositive and BFree!



  1. Today I was in line for lunch at Chipotle, and the woman behind me in line was being very particular about her burrito. This was driving me crazy! More rice, strain my beans (she said this three times), etc. g-d forbid a please or thank you. I had made up my mind about this woman a few seconds after I heard her speak. When I got to the register, I realized I didn't have my wallet. I was planning to sprint back to the car, but the woman insisted she pay for my lunch, "I want to." she said. She even asked if what I had was all I planned to get. This startling act of kindness by a total stranger is something beautiful I experienced today. As was the transformation of opinion of I had about her. It's an important lesson; don't be so quick to make a judgment! I'll ask of any reader here the same thing this woman asked of me: pass it on.

  2. Needed to read this today!! Love it! Thank you for being open and sharing your thoughts! -Kate