Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Be Thankful for Each Other

I am so blessed because I get to live in this world with such incredible people. I meet people that want to create change in their environment. And I meet people that want to see change in themselves. I feel so deeply connected to the people I spend time with here because we stand on common grounds.

I am grateful today for a man who shares my first initial. Naturally, we shall call him B :) B has been working along side me in my volunteer position to build irrigation systems, garden beds, and gardens for schools and local communities. He is on a path to change and create new and positive things in his life. He works hard, stays focused, and sees the good in himself and others.

No matter what we have struggled with in the past, there is opportunity to grow. If we focus our efforts on the ways we can be helpful to others and ourselves then we are free from the burdens of our mistakes.

Move forward.
Make real changes.
Take actions that force you out of your comfort zone.
Create new struggles for the sake of finding new growth.
We all have this capability inside of us.

Today, B moves on to do things that will continue to benefit his life. I am eternally grateful for all of his hard work and care he's put into the community. I know our paths will cross again because when you root yourself into a community, you are forever connected.

Best of luck to you B as your journey continues.

BPositive and BThankful for Each Other. We are all We've Got!


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