Friday, February 17, 2012

Unexpected Gifts

Sometimes gifts of life come from very unexpected places. And often they are so unfamiliar to us they seem scary or wrong. I recently received a gift in a perplexing package and here is our story...

Orphaned newborn mouse by springknitter

He may not look like much, and I can hear the many "ew's" echoing through cyberspace, but for some strange reason it seemed he needed me and I knew I had to do my part. I call him little mouse. 

It went against all of my better judgement and practical reasoning to partake in this situation but something really tugged at my heart. This little guy, originally found the day before, went missing and we thought he was gone. He unexpectedly turned up on the top of the compost pile, having gone 24 hours without food, warmth and companionship. I watched it struggling to sturvive on the top of the dirt pile. He moved around trying to figure out where to go. He breathed intently. It seemed this was an opportunity for me to help him live. 

So here we are. The interesting thing is I don't want a pet, I don't want to get attached, and I don't even want to give him a name. I just felt this sense that every living creature deserves at least a chance to live and I was given the gift of helping this orphaned mouse do just that.

Orphaned newborn mouse 2 by springknitter

The mouse is set up in a tiny little plastic box with holes next to a little space heater. He needs to be fed every two to three hours, throughout the day and night. Initially, I thought, what am I getting myself into? But that feeling inside me kept telling me that this is a good thing. I set the alarm, feed him and go back to sleep. My wonderful husband helps and supports. He may live a day, or 2, a week or maybe until he's full grown. But if I left him struggling on the top of that pile, I know I would have been doing a diservice to his right to live and I'd have missed out on a pretty awesome gift. 

This morning he began suckling on a thin paint brush dipped in formula. It's probably the first food he's had in 2 days. He seems quite active and is fighting to live. And all I can do is try. 

I wanted to share this story not because I feel like we as humans are always obligated to save every animal we find. In fact I was deeply surprised by my decision to take this on. But ultimately every creature on earth has a place and a purpose. And I think maybe when the right opportunity comes along, if we listen to our internal instincts we may be surprised by the choices we must make. 

I'm really glad to know this little guy. He has personality. He learns. He grows. He reacts. He breathes. He eats. He sleeps. He fights to survive.  He's a gift and I'm glad to have received him, even if it was in an unexpected way. 

BPositive and BFree to Listen to your Instincts. They may bring you unexpected gifts!



  1. Very sweet post, Becca. Thank you for sharing. I'm guilty of always trying to help and it's easy to think my helping doesn't count or really make a difference. Thanks for helping him . . . and your post helped me. -Julia A.

  2. I experience unexpected gifts nearly everyday, and I think being able to see them and realize when they're being given to you is a real gift.