Monday, February 27, 2012

The Labyrinth

  by springknitter

There is a Labyrinth not far from where I live. It is not mystical or magical and there are no hidden secrets inside.

  by springknitter

It is a space where one can walk the paths and have deep and quiet concentration. A took me there after our brunch together on Sunday. My mind was anxious to get  home and and do other things but he asked me if I would go see the labyrinth with him. 

Of course. 

We started at the beginning and I allowed him to take the lead. We walked very slowly and very purposefully. I allowed myself to feel the weight of each step. As we continued onward I wondered how long it would take, when the next turn would be, and what would we do when we were finished? My mind wandered and wandered. 

A continued to walk silently, his breathing calm and even. 

As my mind raced, I convinced my feet to move slower in hopes of counteracting my thoughts. I began watching the path below me and not looking for where the next turn would come. 

  by springknitter

Watching the labyrinths beautiful lines I understood something quite simple about it's most distinguishing property. Eventually the path always turns. I didn't need to see the curve to know that it would happen.I trusted it. I thought about life and how I am always walking some form of a labyrinth. How I am constantly trying to see where the next turning point is. Why can't I trust the path of my life like I trust this concrete maze?

Perhaps the labyrinth held some secrets after all.  I think I will go back soon and walk the paths again, allowing my mind to be present and trusting the way of the journey. After all, practice makes perfect. 

BPositive and B A Mindful and Trusting Traveler!


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