Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Inspired by Other Blogs

I've been spending some time this week looking at some craft blogs as part of an assignment for this great website called Swap-bot. Swap-bot gives you a chance to do things for others while they do things back for you. I like to join ones where I can get inspiration from other people's blogs and where I can share my blog with others. This particular one is about craft blogs. So I'm going to share a few links of my partners so you can see what some other people are doing with their art! So here are some pretty cool and crafty blogs to sink your teeth into!

BLUE CRAYONS: http://craftingwithblue.blogspot.com

Bluecrayons has a really eclectic site. You can see her blog at I really enjoy how different people express themselves in different ways. I particularly enjoyed her Mardi Gras crafting session. I can relate to the outburst of color necessary to encompass this wild and crazy holiday. If you get a chance to check out her blog, be sure to leave a comment, we bloggers like that :)

THE VIRIDIAN MUSE: http://theviridianmuse.blogspot.com/

I love the craft the viridian muse calls her own. I can tell that with each fairy/doll that she makes there is personality in each one. I have always enjoyed creating characters and people in some way and her items get me thinking about doing that again. Check out her etsy site as well when you go to her blog. These would make really sweet and unique gifts!

BONE NEEDLE ARTS AND CRAFTS: http://bone-needle.blogspot.com/

Bone Needle is a very unique site because she focuses not just on arts and crafts but on crafts that are medieval themed. She has some incredibly intricate drawings, photographs and gifts that she has crafted for people she loves. I really enjoy blogs like this one because she is doing exactly what blogging is all about: being yourself. She expresses herself through her interest and that passion will always shine through.

VINTAGE TERRACE 2: www.vintageterrace2.blogspot.com

This is a really great blog. Vintage Terrace has awesome, creative ideas about how to journal using visuals and art. I personally love keeping a journal and have always enjoyed using imagery and drawings. Vintage Terrace's art journals are really phenomenal. They are beautiful and unique.

DEIDRE'S AMAZING BLOG: http://deidre421.wordpress.com/

When I saw the first few project of this blog I knew I was going to like it. Deidre takes things that are ordinary and makes them so unique and useful! I really enjoy her projects and her ideas. She makes some beautiful paper beads and throws her own pottery. Pottery has such an earthy feel to it that I love. her work is beautiful!

My words can only do these blogs a little bit of justice. What is important is to take the time to visit them and discover other blogs out there that inspire you. Part of becoming a blogger myself meant spending time on other peoples' blogs to see how this blogging world ticks. Thanks for visiting some awesome blogs today! And thanks to all my partners for allowing me to spend some time on your site and to share it with my readers!

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