Thursday, January 19, 2012

A week of patience

Every now and then, a certain word just slaps me in the face. And other times is subtly hints me to remember it all day long. Both have happened this week, and the word is Patience. I know I have talked about patience before, but it seems I need to be looking into it more deeply and more consistently. A day of patience is nice. Even an hour of patience gives me a sense of accomplishment. But I think I will feel a better sense of fulfillment if I give this a try for a week. 

2 days ago I was on a walk to run some errands. These were not the fun kind of errands either. I was waiting in lines and being told I didn't have the right documents and having to walk home again. It seemed nothing was going right the first time. Every task involved two or three extra steps in order to cross it off my list. I don't typically handle this very well. 

But earlier that morning I had made a decision. No matter what happened that day, I would remain calm and patient. I honestly thought I'd have to fake it and convince myself to stay calm, but I was truly able to remain patient. I smiled at people as I waited in line. I was kind and patient with customer service on the phone. I even waited until the cross walk sign blinked that little walking guy to go across the street. I was enjoying my time

How could this be? Not only was I enjoying my waiting time, I was really enjoying the whole day. It was the first day since I'd moved into my new house that I'd felt happy. And my day was filled with DMV, banks, and other mundane errands! 

So being happy is not only a result of a perfect day... interesting... 

Feeling so great I thought I'd make a conscious commitment to be a patient person this week. I don't know what will be thrown my way, and I'm sure I'll run into bumps. But I'm curious to test out my patience and really utilize it when things more challenging than customer service people come my way.

On the last part of my walk that day, I began noticing things. Lots of little things I wouldn't normally notice. I had previously been putting up walls all around me, only seeing what I wanted. But that day I was reminded that there is so much happening all around me whether I choose to see it or not.

So let some life through your walls today, even if it's just a little! 

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  1. I agree; very beautiful and well-said.

    Emika from swap-bot