Friday, January 20, 2012


I didn't know LB for very long, but in the few times that I had the pleasure of visiting with him it was clear to me what a special person he was. His charisma was impossible to ignore. In fact I often found myself entranced by his stories, his laugh, and the vibrancy in which he lived each moment. I would find myself just lost in his eyes, smiling to myself at how this man has lived! Have you ever met someone that wears every experience they've ever had right on their face? In every wrinkle, every expression, and every smile LB showed me what it meant to really be alive every single day.

I think we all struggle with appreciating each moment. It's easy to get caught up in hassles and frustrations and forget what it's all about. I'm really starting to understand that every single moment we live and breathe is an important moment. Whether it's a moment playing keyboards with some of the biggest musical icons in history or spending time with your friends in your home or having quiet time to yourself, no moment is any better or worse than the next. They are all equally important. LB was a person that truly understood this concept. In the many stories I have heard him share, he tells each one with passion and intention, regardless of who stars in the story.

We can go through life doing almost nothing and live until 107. But what kind of a life is that? Some people live a lot more life in their shorter time here on earth because of how much they appreciate every second they've got. It seems LB has lived at least 100 more years of life than what his chronological age implied. I'm really thankful to have learned from him and I intend on continuing to learn from all the life he has left us with.

Thanks for everything LB. I think you have touched more lives than you ever thought possible.


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