Sunday, January 1, 2012

Express Yourself

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It's January the first. Albeit cliche, I am inspired on this new year's day. Projects swim through my mind, future travel plans have me excited, and the very prospect of a new gardening adenture leaves me giddy with anticipation.

I have always been an excitable person, but it seems that recently I have an abundance of ideas. Can we have too much inspiration? The only way I can describe this feeling is equating it to laying in bed at nigh with a racing mind. I frantically take notes on ideas in my journal and I book mark creative websites, imagery, and concepts. But what to focus on?

We all have the same 24 hours to work with each day. In our waking hours, it is our commitment to our vision that ultimately creates success (whatever success means to you.) And ultimately it's our expressions of self that leave each one of us so unique and special.

I've been scouring some wonderful website lately. Women such as Elsie Larson of and Leigh-Ann (LA) of and Zooey Deschanel with her awesome new website

I find these women to be incredibly talented and one of a kind. I enjoy reading what they have to offer because I relate to their love for reaching out to others with their lifestyle, beliefs and positivity. These ladies know how to express themselves!

I am learning how to be creatively inspired by their unique abilities rather than envious. It's easy to want what they have. To have the following they have, te business success and the notoriety. But I am me and that is not my path right now. Instead I let their words and success inspire me to be more uniquely me. I stay True to my abilities and challenge my creative spirit. BPositive BFree is an expression of who I am and nothing more. It challenges me, helps me grow, and inspires me to be a more self aware person.

2012 will surely bring many new experiences. I will be working to build community gardens, knitting merchandise for my online and Florida based business and continuing to write everyday. Somehow, all of these seemingly separate things in my life will come together. They are all an expression of me and I'd be doing a disservice to myself if I didn't see where it all leads.

I hope 2012 brings inspiration to all. Remember that you are uniquely you and no one else. Go out there and get em!

BPositive and BFree to Express Yourself!


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