Wednesday, July 27, 2011

the real meaning of Alpenglow

I met a man 2 summers ago. He taught me, among thousands of others in his life, what it meant to smile from deep within your heart, how to give to others when you yourself are in a desperate situation, and how to give all people no matter what their abilities the exact same opportunities. 

He taught me the meaning of the word Alpenglow.  A rare phenomenon, it sounds mystical, beautiful and majestic. And it is all those things. It's the moment just after the sun goes behind the mountains, a moment where after the darkness comes there is a sudden orange glow that bleeds down the peaks, crags and crevices. It's a moment that God only gives us for just a second. A moment many will go a lifetime without seeing. But if you do see it, it will change your life forever.

When this man set out on his mission to make sure all people got to experience the "Alpenglow" moments of the world, the blue waters of Havasu, the unique vegetation of Kilimanjaro, the gushing Colorado River, he was showing the world what was possible.

I never use names in this blog but this man's name should be known by all.

Jim Ebert was and always will be Alpenglow to me.  I have never seen what is defined as Alpenglow, but there is no doubt in my mind that I have been touched by the Alpenglow moments that Jim shared with me. He's truly the awe inspiring glow of light after the darkness comes. The reminder that no matter what the circumstance, anything is possible.

I love you Jim


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