Monday, July 11, 2011

Patience by springknitter

I guess that seems obvious. But why then is it so hard to practice patience? I've been in such a funk this week. Obsessing over certain things I want and setting myself up for constant disappointment. So I decided to make myself a patience sign today that I can hang up as a reminder to cool it! by springknitter

In some ways it has helped because the act of focusing on one word for a while really does bring awareness to the problem, but in other ways I still feel stuck. 

Do any of you ever have issues with patience? 

What I am realizing is that patience is actually a byproduct of control. The more you want to control, the less patience you have and vice versa. And if you know me...lets just say, I like to have a say in what's going on in my life...

So I'm switching my focus. Patience will come if I can learn to let go. Further, I need to let go and have faith that everything is happening the way that it is supposed to regardless of my meddlesome ways! 

I think I know what my new blog sign will be....

BPositive and BAble to Let Go!!



  1. I have always thought of myself as an astoundingly patient person, but I am learning that patience isn't always just a virtue: It can be a disability too, especially with those people who take advantage of that patience. I'm currently trying to discover a happy medium. :)

  2. My mom reminded me recently that when you need patience, God doesn't just give you patience...he offers opportunities to practice patience. I think sometimes being patient is just continuing to breathe in and out even when you are ready to jump out of your skin!