Saturday, May 21, 2011


I often don't speak of the day to day goings on of life for me. Honestly, I find them not as fun to write about. My "dear diary" moments are often more about emotions, relationships, and growth. But today I find that something is happening in my life is important and worth sharing.

As I often find myself after finally getting comfortable in a new place...we are moving. The reason is not the significance but the move itself is. I have been finding myself with mixed emotions. Mainly a little numb to the fact that it is happening. But sad and anxious and unsure of what lies ahead. There is excitement there as well with an impending adventure around the corner.

But packing up my apartment has been harder than anticipated. I've essentially cleaned out every drawer, closet, and cupboard...everything piled high in one spot to make the move less complicated. But I've been struggling to take down my art work.

This blog, all that art, all this writing, was born right here in this apartment. Random 6 am art sessions on a weekday morning before work, or admittedly not working in order to make something special. It all happened right here and part of me struggles with leaving it behind.

But most of me knows that I'm not leaving it behind. I'm taking it with me. I'm packing it up only to bring it with me wherever I go. Had I not been in these exact situations perhaps I wouldn't be writing and creating like I am. And perhaps if this move wasn't happening my writing and art would not get another chance to grow again.

As I sit here, there are new people starting their next chapter in the apartment above me. They are excited and enthusiastically bumping there things around. I'm happy for them as they talk about taking a group photo on their porch. And I am suddenly really excited for myself and A as we move out into a new chapter of our own.

So I'd like to leave you all with this. Change can be hard, but change is good. And essential for growth. I created a tree in my living room for fun but I realize how much it represents my growth in my time here. And every tree that I make or grow down the line will be different in some way showing just how much we change all the time.

So I leave you with my tree. I will certainly still have a few more posts from Springfield, MO before we head out of town on the 30th of the month, but this will be the last one from Marion Avenue, the first apartment I had with my husband. I'm glad to have lived here and I'm excited for what's to come.

BPositive and BFree to Change and Grow!


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