Tuesday, November 30, 2010

First snow in Springfield

I stepped outside in my running gear at 8am only to find out that it was 27 degrees outside. I had forgotten my hat at home and my winter under armor didn't feel like enough. My plan was to do 5.5 miles to really kick start my day after taking two full days off with no exercise. And then came my friend the mighty wind.

Wind and I have a history of ongoing feuds and dramatic spats. I spent 4 years battling wind while walking to class at the University of Rhode Island and on the ultimate frisbee field. That wind would toss the frisbee off where I never intended and it took my spirits and gave me inner frustration and irritability. Give me cold, give me rain give me hot, hot heat. Give me humidity and thunderstorms, but wind just stay away! I was reminded of these old feelings today while the wind whipped me raw and made my eyes, nose and lungs hurt (not to mention my cracked knuckles) and in this vulnerable state, I made that face we always make when the weather isn't ideal. That face where we look miserable and angry at the world just because we have an ounce of discomfort. That wind seemed to be blowing in four different directions. Running full force going south into the headwind I yearned to turn east and finally north where it would all be behind me! When I finally made that blissful turn, the wind picked up harder! Why oh why do you play with me this way wind? What have I ever done to you?

The answer is nothing. I've never done anything to the wind or for the wind. I've never been thankful that it blows in beautiful cold fronts that bring me my snow and blows out the hot humidity that makes me feel sticky. I don't often stop to acknowledge that it helps makes the waves crash on the beach or make rustles in my favorite crispy fall leaves. Man, wind can be awesome! And when I least expected something spectacular, the very first snowflakes of the season started tumbling down. They were small and very sparse but they were so beautiful. And I felt so fortunate because had I not been out on that run in that blustering wind I would have missed those flakes. And I am thankful.

I dedicate this blog posting to my best friend B. Sometimes life has struggle. But here's what I'm learning right now (sometimes in the hardest ways possible) "Strength and growth can only come from continuous effort and struggle." A really wise man name Napoleon Hill once quoted that in his book and I've become quite fond of his words. B, I hope this post gives you a little hope today. Don't forget to be thankful for even the things that seem to be most discouraging. The things that beat you down and make your nose hurt and your knuckles raw. Because those very well may be the things that get you to exactly where you're meant to be.

B Positive!

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