Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Sadness Handkerchief

I go months and months without crying real tears. And then one day they all come out, representing every emotion repressed or previously misled. Today I couldn't find the right distraction. My husband A has a lot going on. Everyone feels so far away. Most of them are at least a plane ride.

From my bed I saw a perfect little white handkerchief with the letter B embroidered on the corner, perched on the mantel. It's been untouched by tears, perfectly preserved in the old cigar box painted powder blue. It was a gift of thanks with meaning deeper than I can explain in words. It felt the right time to put it to use. I wrote down a few words on small pieces of paper. Short. Sweet. Telling words. Words that belong to my heart. That are for my eyes only.

I share this because we all have sadness that creeps out from the darkness. And maybe letting it out one word, one tear or one thought at a time will provide you with the relief it provided me.

BPositive and BFree!


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