Monday, February 11, 2013

Here's to I Love You

A and I have never really been ones to celebrate Valentine's Day. We're not strangers to the romantic dinner or coming home with surprises, but we've always struggled to find excitement for this one particular day that we all simultaneously celebrate.

It's not that I'm anti-valentines day. In fact I love any day that people choose to celebrate love and not hate. We spend so much of our time finding the flaws in the world. What's not refreshing about a day devoted to the compassion in our hearts?

Although A and I probably won't do anything out of the ordinary on the 14th of February I wanted to recognize that I'm glad we have a day devoted to love. I still have the valentines day cards my dad gave me growing up and I like hearing about people's plans and how they choose to celebrate. Love is a good topic. We should have more days about love!

This February I got crafty (I know...what month do I not get crafty?) I get to see A everyday and tell him I love him but I don't get to do that for the other loves in my life. It's one of the ways I know how to show I care. Making things truly comes from the heart and I'm glad to have so many to share it with.

Happy day of love!

BPositive and BLoving!

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